Yangon circular trains are believed to be one of the best ways to explore Yangon. The railway runs in a circle which connects Yangon’s suburban and satellite towns.

Together with the buses, Yangon circular train is the cheapest transportation to travel around the city. With just 20 cents, you can have a seat on a train around Yangon. It takes 3 hours to complete the loop which consists of 39 stops. The earliest train leaves at 6 o’clock every morning, and the last one usually reaches the final stop at around 22:00. To get the best view, you can catch the very earliest train which will venture through the dawn. During this time of a day, the weather is in most favorable condition with amiable temperature and fresh air.

These trains aren’t equipped with air-con and their hard seats are not comfortable. However, going on a circular train will give you an authentic experience of the local life as well as the scenery in the suburban area. Around 100,000 tickets are sold every day, which creates an incredible spectrum of people on each the circular train. People commutes as well as transport their goods, which could be loads of vegetables, hens and literally everything. Therefore, it enables you to take a closer look at the life of Yangon and its citizens, as well as their lifestyle. Yangon circular train is also thought as one of the most efficient ways to capture the best moment of the city.

It is also a great idea to hop off at some stops in which the locals market are opened. The locals usually gather and run their small business at their colorful vendors, which makes the life of the suburban more lively and vibrant.

The full journey tickets could be bought on Platform 7. The ticket allows you to hop off at any stops and transfer to other trains, which allows you to take some time and discover the markets and nature scene at some stops. It is one of the best ventures with surely the cheapest price for any travel experience that you have ever had.