Those who have gone to Moc Chau on spring come to seem surprised by the beauty of the white plum season, and always remember the atmosphere of the traditional Tet holidays of the Mong people.

The picture of Phieng Canh white plum garden seen from above – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

In the cold weather in the highlands, the plum gardens of the Mong ethnic people bloom and attract travelers.

Visitors can visit places with many typical flower gardens of Moc Chau such as Phieng Canh, Na Ka (Tan Lap commune), Ang village (Dong Sang commune), Vat village (Muong Sang commune) …

Plum blossoms often bloom brilliantly in the last week of January and the first week of February, but may be a little sooner or later depending on the weather each year.

Na Ka village brightens when plum garden blooms white – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

Mong children playing inTet holiday in white plum garden – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

Phieng Canh and Na Ka villages are the gardens keeping the pristine beauty of Moc Chau. The land and people here create a simple, peaceful beauty and full of flavor of plum flowers, peach blossom, yellow flowers reform.

Coming to Phieng Canh village, visitors can see the houses with the ancient architecture of the H’Mong people hidden in the mist, far away are the carpet of white blooming plum trees. This scence creates beautiful scenery mesmerizing like a fairytale place.

Spring on Phieng Canh village – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

Mong girl on the small way – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

The moment a girl is shy in front of a photographer lens – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

Many colorful dresses flare up Moc Chau plateau – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

Photographer Cao Ky Nhan (Phu Yen) said plum blossom blossomed in about 7-10 days, it is also very fast, so visitors should “watch” the time when the flower starts to bloom to be able to see the most beautiful flower. Note the weather forecast because it will not be beautiful on a rainy day.

Currently, the plum garden has begun to bloom, the fragile petals with the sound of birds chirping in the garden of plum will surely make visitors satisfied.

Tourists who come to Moc Chau at this time can experience the traditional Tet holiday of the Mong people, usually taking place in the first 3 days of December.

The H’Mong boy eats ice cream – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

The boy swings on the pristine white plum tree – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

Children play traditional game Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

H’Mong children play traditional game – Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

Before and during this period, the Mong people were eager to welcome Tet, women were busy embroidering new clothes, men bought chicken and pig to make Tet trays, while the children were wearing the most beautiful dresses.
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Map of directions from Hanoi to Tan Lap commune, where there are beautiful white plum gardens in Phieng Canh village, Na Ka – Screenshot