Mekong River is the largest river in the Southeast Asia which runs through many different countries which includes Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. To explore Southeast Asia, you could choose to take a cruise trip traveling along the river to learn about the culture as well as the nature of Laos.

Mekong River is the mother of the whole land. For thousand years, people have accommodated beside the bank of Mekong River and it is also a famous waterway which helps people travel and transport goods around the area. This fact has facilitated a wonderful cultural richness of life along the river.

Mekong Delta is the home to one of the most unique markets in the world – the floating markets. The floating market is a great example of how vibrant and crazily wonderful the life in along Mekong River is. Visiting these markets would be one of the most wonderful experiences of the trip.

Along the floating market, some local villages which are long established along the river, with people who live on what the river gives them: water, the fat land, and fish. These villages, thanks to the richness of the nature, are well-renowned as the home to great gardens and harvest. Along the trip, you can see how the river has generously supported the life for people living along the side of it. You can see the fruitful gardens with so many strange but delicious fruits.

More than that, you can also enjoy a rich and diverse cuisine of Mekong River area whose ingredients mostly come from the river’s support. Some of the famous dishes that you should try long the trip are keo dua, duong dua, banh pia, etc.

Most of the tour will provide a night-stay on some homestay along the river. This is a wonderful and lively opportunities for tourists to discover the life of the locals.