Eo Gio name originates from the geographic shape of this area, standing on the ledge from around looking down you will see a small strait or shielded by mountains as a hug cover around beautiful beach here.

Was discovered a long time ago but Eo Gio attracted only those people who like adventure tourism because the ways is quite complicate, visitors must cross the Thi Nai lagoon or take the boat from the wharf Ham Tu machines and at sea to get here. However, since Thi Nai Bridge was built, Eo Gio quickly become attractive places where local travelers or foreigner enjoy.


To go to Eo Gio, the most appropriate transportation is motorcycle. From the city of Quy Nhon, tourists start from Thi Nai lagoon, go over the bridge crossing to come to Eo Gio. This stretch of road is ideal for travelers prefer natural for beautiful scenery along the street. From Thi Nai bridge, visitors can direct the eye to look at the vast blue of the lagoon area. Cross the road bridge is white sand stretching endless sides.


The two sides this area are two rock bands, both mighty and beautiful scenic places for you. Standing from above and looking down, Eo Gio as a picture painted marine charming with sun, clouds, mountains hugging the sea water … and sexy, just charming.


As a new tourist attraction place, Eo Gio still keep the full natural beauty.  In the early morning, visitors can choose a flat stone, rock and lying down on it, enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the morning. In the sunshine, the sound of the waves and wind creating a great remixes relaxation, peace in the heart for every visitor.


According to locals, the stones here are the main factors wild beauty created here. You can see the endless stone, mountains, rocks on the shore. Viewing from above, you will notice many stones with different shapes, very interesting, like a crocodile, the island, the island looks like a boat, the island is like sleeping turtle.


Go along the rocky ways, visitors will come to an interesting place is Da De with a lot of large and small stones of different shapes. According to local residents, the reason it’s called because stones here never lessen, more and more. When you are tired, you can lie on a rock, listen to love songs to nature’s whispering.

A note for you is Eo Gio is still wild, almost there are no services here. If you come here to play, you should prepare food and be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery, also have a interesting outdoor meals.