Angkor Wat is the World Heritage and one of the touristy destinations and the must-visits in Southeast Asia. An original trip to Angkor Wat might be too common and typical. If you are leaning toward a unique and different traveling experience, you can have a tour designed particularly for photography which is a great way to optimize your trip in one of the greatest historical architecture complexes in the world.

Here are some useful tips to take great picture in Angkor Wat

  1. If you intend to have a photography tour, you might have to invest more time and it would take more than one visit to navigate this large complex. To get the best value, you can have the 3-day pass for 3 visits within 7 days.
  2. The best time to take photos of Angkor is in the early morning. The ideal set-up time is before 5 a.m. At this time, there would be not so many people. You can also have great light and impressive view during this time.
  3. Try to get off the beaten path to get the unique perspectives for your shoots. Angkor is full of hidden spots which will totally surprise you and give you an interesting experience with your camera.
  4. Besides the great scale, one of the particular features of Angkor Wat is its intricate details. So, don’t forget to take some close-ups of Angkor.
  5. Take a photography tour. The photography tour will have a special itinerary which is set up to get the most of the stunning scenery. It also takes you to places which are the greatest spots for photography. You are also assisted by experienced tour guides in both photography and traveling.

A photography tour in one of the greatest architecture sights in the world is a wonderful experience that you should not miss.