In the recent year, Myanmar is rising as a new and appealing destination for travelers, which also pushes the cost of traveling higher. To deal with it, you should know some useful tips to save budget.

Save money on air ticket

One option which could be useful to save your money on flights is to book tickets to nearby countries like Thailand or Vietnam to which you can find a great deal on the plane ticket. As you might know, there are rarely any real bargains offered for a flight to Myanmar.


Try Out Some Alternative Forms of Transportation

Hiring a car or taking a taxi to move from place to place would take quite a lot of money. To reduce the cost, you can take an alternative to divide your trip into smaller part and use some cheaper ways of transport. Biking would be a great way to navigate around the towns and cities.

Plane your trip well ahead

By this, you could find a way to find the good price for flight tickets, tours or hotels in Myanmar. And the more careful you plan your trip, the less unexpected expense would pop up.

Get off the tourist trail

The front store in some tourist-packed streets would cost much more than the regular price. Instead, you should further your area of navigation more to the back alley. You will find a lot more authentic and cheaper restaurants and stores instead of blowing away your money to some front restaurant.

Change money

It would be a much of a challenge to exchange money to Myanmar Kyat with a good rate. To find a good exchange rate in Myanmar, you can bring new notes of USD or Euro to the Yangon International Airport. But they would not accept old notes, so make sure to bring the new ones.