We usually tend to choose familiar destinations, safe, less risky to go to strange places.
It seems we are missing out on a wild, beautiful tourist spot right next to Vietnam. 17 photos below will attract you to travel to Myanmar – a country with beauty strange …

Bagan is an ancient city located in the Mandalay region of Myanmar. From the 9th to 13th centuries, the city was the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan – the first kingdom to unify the area into present-day Myanmar. The sun rising in Bagan in the thin mist is a fascinating landscape that captures so many photographers.

As the sun slowly begins to emerge, Myanmar is ready for a new day.

Shwedagon Pagoda is an architectural masterpiece of the city of Yangon, with its trunk and gold-plated stupa, attached with thousands of diamonds and rubies.

Situated over 200km from Yangon, the Golden Stone is 1,100m high, along with the tiny Kyaiktyo Pagoda, which creates a unique monument complex. You will say: “Nothing is impossible!” When you see the stone lies on the mountain.

Little monks read the book under the sunlight through the window frame.

Lake Taungthaman near Amurapara with a wooden boat floating quietly on the water.

The monks do the almsgiving in the early morning. It is known that Myanmar has about 500,000 monks and Buddhism has great influence in this country. In fact, people’s lives are always associated with Buddhist rituals.

This is not a famous pagoda but a … restaurant.

Rice terraces in Shan State.

The fishermen with a traditional Longiyong skirt, paddle with one foot like the artist in the immense Inle Lake.

Relieve sadness in the past, Myanmar is slowly opening its doors to the world, even if it is still a little shy, not daring to show off its glamorous charms.

Human silhouette, bird silhouette in sunset on Ubein bridge.

Monks at Mingun pagoda.

The monk with red umbrella stands in the midst of vast nature.

Myanmar is very diverse in terms of ethnicity. The government recognizes 135 different ethnic groups.

Two small stupas staggered on the cliff.

Thingyan is Myanmar’s New Year’s water festival, which usually falls in mid-April. The fall of water in the people will remove the gloom of the previous year to start a new year with the luck and more chances.

Burmese women in a traditional Thummy dress attire to clean the Shwezigon golden pagoda.

Statues of monks.

A little monk mischievous steps on the styled wall at Mingun Pagoda.

Kyaing Tong is the capital of the Golden Triangle, where it is impressed by the beauty of hills and ethnic minority villages.