Ô Mai is a traditional snack candy of Vietnam. The making of o mai is somehow similar with that of jam, however, it has a totally different and unique taste. Having one small piece of o mai is like having explosion to your mouth sensation.

O mai is believed to best go with tea. It would be a perfect balance of bitter and sweet as well as salty favor. And particularly on winter day, o mai is in an increasing demand. Normally, some o mai is added with ginger whose favor will burn your tongue, warm the cold throat and keep you warm in such a cold weather. It is why it is one of essential snack prepared for the New Year Event which occurs during the time of cool breeze and light rain. O mai is also an effective treatment for sore throat and cough.

O Mai would make a perfect gift for girls. Why? There is no clear explanation; however, from the fact that most Vietnamese girls could not resist o mai, you might learn some truth in that.

Ô Mai Hanoi

Hanoi is believed to be the place to provide the best o mai. Wondering around Hanoi, you will probably see a small stores which are packed with bottles, cans and baskets containing a diverse range of o mai. And the distinctive smell of that will make your mouth water.

In Hanoi, of all the fruit that could be make into o mai, sau whose scientific name is dracontomelon is believed to be the best kind of all. Sau is already a famous fruit which has its name firmly attached to Hanoi. Therefore, many people choose sau as the gift from their holiday in Hanoi. As a product of sau, o mai sau is also popular options for travelers to Hanoi.

The best o mai is usually made from the traditional family-running business. Each family will have their own recipe of making a fine and special taste of o mai. If you want to have some special gift for your friends and family, here are some valuable suggestion for you.


Ô mai Stores on Hàng Đường Street

Hang Duong is the famous haven of O Mai. Hang Duong is home to many famous o mai stores, including some outstanding name like Tien Thinh, Gia Loi, Hong Lam. To immerse your eyes in the heave sight of piles and bottle full of mouth-watering and eye-catching o mai, you should definitely visit Hang Duong.

Ô mai Vạn Lợi

The most famous o mai offered by this store is sweet and salty stirred plums and apricots. One speciality from this store is o mai made from cranberry fruit. It is only available during the tet event. Even the price of O Mai Van Loi is higher than of other store, it is still favored by Hanoians.

Ô mai Hồng Lam

Orignated from an o mai store on Hang Duong Street, O mai Hong Lam has developed their brand into a bigger business and no longer a traditional-made and family-scale brand. It succeeds in establishing many small chain store around Hanoi. Even the taste is not as good as the traditional-made product, it could make a great gift with average price and good packing with long expiry date.

O Mai is  the best gift idea for you after an exciting trip to Hanoi. Don’t leave without having a pack of O mai on your luggages.