Talking to winter, many people will think of snow, coldness etc. But, when you are wrapping yourself in warm blankets, in these lands, the end of the year is always brilliant by the sun.

Phu Quoc island, Vietnam

Phu Quoc is known as Pearl Island. This beautiful island located in the Gulf of Thailand, Kien Giang province is now the largest tourist island in Vietnam. Phu Quoc is bestowed with a harmonious and pleasant climate throughout the year. The smooth sandy beachs, the sea with blue water, the coconut trees, … are the “specialties” here. Not only pristine nature, mysterious, fresh life in the fishing village of the idyllic sea also gives tourists an enjoyable experience. Phu Quoc has many beautiful beaches stretching from the North to the South, with 99 hills and ranges of primary forest with rich flora and fauna. In the north, there are Mong Tay Island, Doi Moi Island, Ban Island, Thay Boi Island … In the south, there are 12 islands belonging to the An Thoi Archipelago …. This destination is not exploited for tourism too much.  There are many outdoor activities such as yachting, fishing, scuba diving to explore the wild nature, camping  …


Not only famous for its curry, India is also an ideal destination for summer lovers. Because of its large size, the 3rd largest in Asia and seventh in the world, its climate varies from coast to coast, from north to south. However, the average annual temperature falls between 20-28 degrees Celsius. With this heat, the climate here is always cool, pleasant. Photos: Wallpapers.

Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Once the capital of Brazil, the southern city of the country shows up with beautiful beaches, the famous Jesus statue stands on the top of the mountain overlooking the sea, pleasant climate whole year. Therefore, this is a paradise for tourists to enjoy the summer at all times. The difference in temperature throughout the year is not too high, the average is 27 degrees Celsius in January and the coldest is 21 degrees Celsius in July. You can prepare your luggage to travel to this land for whatever time of the year.  Photo: Home Security Press.

Bangkok, Thailand

With its rich culture and affordable travel costs, it is Vietnam’s neighboring country. A visit to Bangkok is never a waste of your time. With an annual temperature of 30 degrees Celsius during the 12 months, this is always the ideal summer paradise. If you plan to visit this beautiful capital, the upcoming New Year’s Day holiday is the ideal day for you to make your dream come true. From October to February of next year, the temperature is cool, there is no heat, fluctuating from 25-28 degrees Celcius. Photo: ImagineCruising.

Miami, Florida, USA

Despite frequent hurricanes in August, Miami is still an ideal destination for enjoying fresh summer weather. Located on the shores of the blue sea, the largest city in Southern Florida is always attracting tourists in the early days of the year and the period from March 3-7. The average temperature in the peak months of tourism is maintained at 24-30 degrees C. Photo: Nails Images.

Hawaii, USA

A dreamland for sweet honeymoon, the beautiful Hawaiian Islands are located on the Pacific Ocean. It is famous for its winding coastline, romantic scenery and cool climate all year round. The rainy season is from November to April of the year with average temperature of 26-28 degrees Celsius. If you love the hot summer, Hawaii is the ideal destination for your holiday plans. At this time, the climate in the ideal temperature from 29-32 degrees C. Photo: 1ZOOM.

Dubai (UAE)

If you are planning to find hot summer, immersed in the sunshine, you can book tickets and fly to Dubai. The temperature here can reach 49 degrees Celsius in July. However, do not worry because the New Year holidays, the weather is perfect. At this time, the average temperature falls to about 31 degrees Celsius. The weather is pleasant enough for you to enjoy the summer flavor between the early days of January. Photo: Kreuzfahrt.



In North America, most of the year’s climate in this country is mostly summer with an average temperature of 24-28 degrees Celsius. In addition, the difference in temperature between winter and summer is not too big with a difference of about 5 degrees Celsius. By the way, at any time you can also travel to Mexico to enjoy the brilliant summer on the blue sea. Photo: Webcams de Mexico.


Located on the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is the dreamland of all travelers. Come here, in addition to immersed in the natural scenery, you also enjoy exciting experiences, such as diving, surfing … The temperature outside is always great from 24-33 degrees C, suitable for summer activities throughout the year. You can freely choose the day to go to enjoy the summer in the Maldives at any time. Photo: Horizontravel.