One unique way to discover Hanoi is to spend one night navigating around the city. If the day tours will present the city’s most famous attractions to you, a night tour will show you the hidden self of Hanoi. The night tours are actually favored among the local young people who always crave for new things and are eager to learn and see things in different perspective. If you also share the same spirit, you should try to make a venture into the city night and explore the hidden side of the city life. Now we will give you the detailed itinerary of a night trip around Hanoi.

Around 9 P.M, you can go out and wander around the city center to enjoy the vibrant nightlife at the city center. Around this time, the St.Joseph’s Cathedral is one of the most crowded spots in the city. The youngsters gather around the plastic chairs and drink lime tea on the sidewalk of Hanoi while chatting with their friends, which has been a signature sight of Hanoi. Under the street light, in an open space, it is wonderful chance to share with your friends about anything in life.

After the midnight, when you are running out topics and things to say or energy to do anything, you can charge yourself up with a visit to the famous night food vendors in the Old Quarter. The night food vendors are usually open throughout the night. Noodles or congee are the most popular night food that you could try.

From 2:30 to 4 o’clock, you should visit Long Bien Bridge. The bridge is a significant sight of Hanoi. Despite being one of the crowded routes in Hanoi during the daytime, at night, the bridge falls into tranquil and peaceful silence. From the bridge, you can broad your eyesight into the night of the whole city from distance, which makes the bridge a jewel of the city night. It is also a great time to take pictures of the city.

After leaving Long Bien Market, the next destination is Quang Ba flower night market. Quang Ba is the biggest flower market in Hanoi, which is the main provider for the demand of flower for the whole city. The market displays the incredibly wide range of flowers. It will surely soak your night with fragrance and colors.

From 5 AM, you can leave the market of millions of flowers behind and rush into the West Lake to catch the very first light of the new day and watch the city wake up. From the Thanh Nien Street, you can see the sun rising from the skyline and cast their glorious light all over the lake surface.

After the sunrise scene, it is necessary to fill your stomach after a trip through the night at morning breakfast vendor on the sidewalk of Hanoi’s street and see people rushing out to work and start their day.

And now, you can go back to your place and take a good sleep until noon.
With the itinerary above, you could have the most memorable night of your vacation in Hanoi.