To the south of Myanmar, in the Andaman Sea, there is an off-coast gem, Mergui Archipelago (or Myeik Archipelago). It is one of the gorgeous untouched natural scenery in Myanmar.

The archipelago consists of 800 islands, which is an incredible number and promises an amazing journey. The islands range from large island of hundred square kilometers to small islets. With a diverse landscape, the archipelago boasts an impressive marine life that will fill your vocations with surprise and venture.

Besides the wonderful natural scenery, Myeik Archipelago also shows a vibrant cultural life. The archipelago is home to Moken people – an ethnic minority group who lives by the sea, away from the coast. Been living a nomadic life by the sea for hundreds of years, Moken people have learned to free dive, and could do a wonderful job at it.

Even being an off-beaten track, the Mergui Archipelago is not at all lack of exciting activities. A wide range of adventurous and entertaining activities are available, from hiking, kayaking or scuba-diving. You will surely have an exciting and dynamic holiday in the Mergui Archipelago.

Here are some most incredible islands of Mergui Archipelago.

Owning a diverse biodiversity and various landscapes, Lampi Island is home to the first marine national park of Myanmar. It also attracts the largest number of visitors. Kayaking in Lampi is a highly-recommend activity.

115 Island or Frost Island is also an alluring attraction in Mergui. With a creamy sand and crystal water, this island owns one of the most beautiful beaches in this archipelago. Travelers could try snorkeling, kayaking or trekking on this island.

Nyaung Wee Island is home to Moken people, therefore it is a promising destination for you to explore the unique culture of sea-based lifestyle.

Phi Lar island is a great place to venture as most of the island still remains untouched and uninhabited. Moreover, it owns gorgeous and alluring coral reefs, which you can observe while snorkeling in the clean water.

With a diverse marine life, the most favored activities in the Myeik Archipelago are diving and fishing. Some spots with the most favorable conditions for diving are the Burma Banks, the Black Rock, Shark Cave, Little Torrest Island. Among them, the Burma Bank is a must-go attraction which is dubbed as the best diving site in Southeast Asia.

The best time to travel to Myeik Archipelago is from December to February during which warm, sunny, warm and calm weather. During summer, the sea scenery is most appealing with clearer sky and more splendid water.

A tour to this tranquil archipelago will give you an idyllic retreat. It is a wonderful destination for a beach holiday