Most of the foreign visitors first-comer to Hanoi will opt to stay near the Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake – the tourist center of this city. However, what exactly will the Old Quarter offer you? Here, we will give you a rough guide of where to go if you have secured a place near this area.

Van Mieu – Temple of Literature

Van Mieu is an old building where the first college of Vietnam is established. It is one of the most well-preserved construction remained from ancient time. With a typical architecture of traditional building of Vietnam and a world of meanings behind its design, Van Mieu will offer you a deep insight into the culture and life of Vietnamese people. Van Mieu is a must for anyone to ever travel to Hanoi.


Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Water puppet is a unique art form of Vietnam. Seeing a water puppet will a worth-trying experience. A performance of water puppetry is the combination of folklore tales and stories which are imbued with meaningful lessons as well as interesting traditional music. Each of the scenes will open a window for you to look back to the past and show you how the life is like in the old times.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake possesses an important status in the life of this city. It remains to be a symbol, an iconic destination of Hanoi. In the midst of this lake is a small temple-like building – inaccessible, but still very attractive. You can also visit Ngoc Son Temple and The Huc Bridge. One special thing about the lake is that it is an ideal location for you to investigate how life revolving around this small lake.

Ta Hien Street

This beer streets is super busy at night. Here is the meeting point of many backpackers on their holiday in Hanoi. Being tired of the new environment in a different country, you might need a take a step back to your familiar culture, go to Ta Hien, you might meet your people there. And bonus, beer in Vietnam is really cheap.

Old Quarter’s Street

Yeah, The Old Quarter is fascinating enough for you. Even being crowned, and busy all day, the Old Quarter is still very charming and ancient with its own vibes. Wandering around the Old Quarter would be really interesting if you have eyes for little things and keep noticing little things. Besides, the old French architecture remained on some of the houses in the Old Quarter is a really interesting.

Dong Xuan Market

There is no better way to steal a look into the local life of one place than to visit its market. And for Hanoi, the market that you should definitely visit is Dong Xuan Market. Located on the side of The Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is a wonderful place for you to look and buy things.

Joseph Cathedral

This old cathedral is one of the must visit place in Hanoi. Built since 1886, it is one of the most iconic buildings of Hanoi. Its architecture is strongly influenced by that of Notre Dame de Paris. Even not being any closer to other gorgeous cathedrals from Western countries, it offers a calm atmosphere in the middle of a hectic and bustling city like Hanoi.

When finishing the seven places listed above, you can definitely boast about your trip in Hanoi with a total confidence.


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