In this July, Kenh14 – one of the biggest name in the online news area has launched a photograph contest which is called “Here We Go”. It gives the chance for the audience to disseminate their photo record of their journey and travel lifestyle. This is the third year in row that this contest was hold.

As the target audience of Kenh14 is mainly the young, the main focus of this contest is to publish and portrait the wanderlust life of youngsters. The main topic of this year’s contest is about a trip with friends. This year’s slogan is “It’s not where we go that matter but who we go with.”

Opened just one week ago, this contest has attracted so many profile submitted and a large amount of votes. There is no limit in the way the young present their venture: from the well-touched photo to the scratchy pictures taken out of simple moment of their trip, from the luxurious vocation to foreign countries to daily hang-out to familiar locations around their own home-town. A long with many domestic famous touristy spots, other most popular destinations are those of some neighbor countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and China. No matter where they go, the bright smile don’t change because they keep a good company with their dearest friends.

Since the moving life-style recently has a great impact on young mind, this contest is a good chance for us to take a glimpse of this new prevalent life style of young generation. More than that, it also brings a fine collection of great photographs of many stunning travel destinations. For many, this contest has played an important role in promoting tourism and the desire to go and discover new land.

You can visit the official site to admire the great collection of many famous tourist attractions in Vietnam.