Small and hidden in the heart of Asia, Laos is one of the most typical and authentic countries of the continent. Taking a travel to Laos will immerse you in the heart of a country with sumptuous landscapes and will take you to meet rare wildlife.


1500 kilometers long from north to south, Laos has an area of more than 236,000 square kilometers. About the same as Great Britain, and twice as small as France. With no access to the sea, Laos is in the heart of Asia and has common borders with China, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. If Luang Prabang is the most famous city, it is Vientiane which is the capital of the country formerly nicknamed the kingdom of Million elephants. The majority of the country’s landscape consists of plateaus such as the famous Bolovens or mountains such as Phou Bia, the highest peak in Laos, which rises to 2850 meters above sea level. The country is crossed over 1800 kilometers by the mythical Mekong River on which you can sail during your travel to Laos.


Between the months of April to October, Laos undergoes the monsoon. The rain then falls in downpour and the temperatures rise to more than 35 °. The showers mostly take place in the evening and it is then real torrents that you will receive on the head. The monsoon is always more marked in the south than in the north. The ideal time to come to Laos is the period from November to March.

Fauna and flora

On a large area of Laos, you will find a beautiful rainforest. You will find beautiful species such as teak or rosewood and more common species such as bamboo, banana, pine, kapok trees. In addition to the many rice fields you will see many fruit trees such as durian trees, coconut palms, papayers, jackfruits or mango trees.

If wildlife is not the country’s primary wealth, Laos is home to rare species such as gibbon, leopard, elephants, bears, snakes including the cobra and the increasingly rare pink dolphin Irawady.