Back to the colonial days, Kep has been a favorited destination for the elites in Cambodia during the 1960s. The relics of a once-prime tourist attraction is still visible these days in Kep.

Kep is a provincial city. It is lying within Kampot Province. It is been recognized as one of the most charming beaches in Cambodia.

In the last century, Kep was the center of tourism, the favorite vacation destinations among the royals and the wealthy. Resorts and hotels with the French colonial style were built around the city. However, the damaging impact of wars and times, Kep’s luxurious appearance has gone, however, instead, the beach city has come back to a more relax and chilling place rather than a busy tourist center. Kep stil remains the heritage of the distinct architecture of Frech colonialism.

In the recent years, Kep has somehow succeeded in showing their potential and once again attracts more and more travelers. New-established resorts are popping up to serve the increasing demand for tourism.

Following the road curiving around the shore will give you one of the best views of the beach. Along the road, you could meet the Kep’s famous sights, for example the statue of the waiting wife and the statue of  a crab standing out of the background of blue sky and ocean. As you might get, crab is the number one food that you can try in Kep.

Samot Reangsey Pagoda

Located about 2 kilometers from the city center, Samot Reangsey has the peculiar looks of a Cambodia pagoda that you should never miss.

The Rabbit Island is also the most visited attractions in Kep. It takes just about 30 minutes to travel from the mainland to the island. Rabbit Island is quite primitive, and there are not many convenient accommodations on this small and lesser-known island. The island is also known for having a rich biodiversity with so many different types of fish.