Buddha Park is one of unique Buddhism architectures in the world. It was a Buddha-themed park with around 200 sculptures of Buddha. Located 25 kilometers from Vientiane, this Buddha-themed park is a no-brainer for tourists to this city whether they are Buddhists or not. If you take interest in calming and mediating vibe of the Buddhist statues, you should definitely spend quality time in this park.

The other name for Buddha Park is Xieng Khuan which means Spirit City in Laos. It will easily trigger a feeling of a trip to another land, a land of Gods and Buddhists.

It is the work of a Laos artist – Bunleua Sulilat before he fled to Thailand after the 1975 revolution, where he later built another alike statue park. The new park is actually not far from the original.

Lying within a green tropical meadow, the place owns an incredible quite landscape, great atmosphere soaked in cool air and quaint vibe from Buddhist statues.

Beside the Buddha statue, there are also a number of Hinduism statue which is also an important part of Lao culture.

The Buddha Park is number one place for you to take a close look and examine the stunning sculptures of Buddhism as well as the Hinduism.

Each of the statues tells stories related to the Buddism myths and tales, which will ensure meaningful and educating lessons drawn from your visit.

The largest statue of Buddha, also the most eye-catching one is 390 foot long and locates right in the center of the park. The other statues are scratching around it.

An overview of the park can be obtained from the roof of a 3-story dome which you can access by going through an impressive mouth of a concrete demon-like creature and stair-steps.

Visitors are allowed to take photos of the statue with an extra amount of money (3.000 kips). However, there are some notes that you should remember while wandering around this site.

Most of the statue is facing to the west which represents addressing to the death. It would be better if you can go early in the morning to catch the best lighting for your photos.

From Vientiane, you can get there by taking a tuk-tuk ride for about 90,000 kips or catch the bus to the Friendship Bridge for 6,000 kips and take a smaller bus to the entrance of Buddha Park.

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