With the harmony between the extreme bitter – sweet, iced coffee has captivated the love of many visistors.

The culture of coffee in Vietnam has its own characteristics, from the blending style of each region. There are many ways in the world to taste coffee, but Vietnamese iced coffee is considered a unique cuisine.

Iced coffee – the harmony of Vietnamese coffee was introduced by the French in the French colonial era. Thanks to the inherent benefits of nature, Vietnam is well placed to grow the Robusta coffee and has become the largest exporter of Robusta coffee in the world.

Since the coffee was planted on the S-shaped land, the Vietnamese know how to prepare and drink coffee. For hundreds of years, this drink has become popular with Vietnamese. In the course of history, the Vietnamese have created a unique coffee drink, used with ice.

Perhaps the harmony between the extremes: bitter – sweet, iced coffee has captured the love of many visitors. It is easy to drink, not to lose the characteristics of coffee but also to bring energy to the body through milk.

The culture of enjoying Vietnamese iced coffee is unique: coffee is prepared with phin – a way to prepare with simple tool, but always bring a cup of quality coffee.

The climate and taste of the different regions have created a big difference compared to the traditional way of drinking coffee. Adding ice cream, sugar, adding concentrated milk to coffee has become a popular habit, contributing to the diversity of Vietnamese coffee culture. If the coffee is hot, purely mixed, famous for its bitter taste, iced coffee is for those who like the feeling of freshness mixed with bitter taste.