If you want to start your day the way locals do, here is the complete guide for you.

Doing exercise

Vietnamese wakes up early to do some warm-up for a new day. The stay-up-late young folk is not included, and the work-out ground is full of the energetic elderly doing tai-chi. Stealing some fresh air of the city before all the engines and vehicles are activated by getting up early and doing exercise is a great morning routine for you.

Morning vendor

A morning food vendor is a small energy-generating factory of the city. You can see people from all walk of life gathering around the small vendors along the streets: from the hustling white-collar worker, busy housewives, and drowsy students. Besides phở, bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich), cháo (rice soup) or xôi (sticky rice) are among the most-favored breakfast.

Coffee morning

The morning coffee is a great way to start your day. Unlike the takeaway coffee style, Vietnamese spent quite a lot time for morning coffee. People drink coffee in a relaxing and laid-back way to start their day. It is also the time for them to catch up on the morning news and updates about their neighborhood or workplace. Drinking coffee is somehow part of their social life.

Sitting at a local coffee shop enables you to have a closer look at the morning in the city and how people start their day.

Morning market

The morning market is also a fun place to visit in the morning. If the man prefers going to a coffee shop and enjoying a cup of coffee, woman mark the market as the place to start their day. They can have a great breakfast at the market, and also a good morning chat, and a bunch of fresh food for the family.

They are all good ways to recharge your energy for a new day of traveling and exploring, especially when you are having a holiday in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.