The holiday season is coming. People are so excited to drown themselves in Christmas stuff. Even though the traditional way of enjoying the Christmas is mỏe preferred, some people still want to break the norm and opt to go somewhere off-picture, somewhere there isn’t snow or the mountain-high holiday spirit. If you are in that mind, Vietnam should be on your consideration list.

Christmas is not a national holiday in Vietnam. Only Christian are granted a day off; however, these people only account for a small proportion of the population. It might come as a surprise to see how eager people in Vietnam are on celebrating Christmas Eve, especially those living in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. You can see people decorate their stores, shops, and houses with (fake) Christmas trees, (fake) snow and Santa Clause images.

In Vietnam, even though the Christmas Eve is widely celebrated now, it bears no serious meaning. It is more a way to embrace the winter season and the lovely and heart-melting Christmas decoration and to celebrate a special night out with your significant one. Especially for the youngster, Christmas is more like the December version of Valentine. On the day of Christmas, you will surely feel the love all around.

On the Christmas Eve, you can come to some beach destinations which could be included in some Southern discovery tours. Most-favored among those are Nha Trang, Mui Ne or Da Nang. It is an interesting and off-traditional experience to have a little Christmas with sunshine and beaches instead of sitting around the fireplace.

For those who can’t live without the Christmas vibe in the air, you should spend these special moments in big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. Now let’s find out what to do on Christmas holiday in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

Go to churches

The most authentic way to see the holy Christmas spirit is to go to churches. You can see the warming candlelight, hear the church bell, the humming of Christmas carol, and people’s pray. In Ho Chi Minh, the Notre Dame Cathedral is the number choice. For people in Hanoi, the St Joseph Cathedral would be the place.

Have the Christmas Fest

Turkey is not widely served on this event. You just can have turkey in some high-end restaurants which serve Western dishes. Or else, you can further your experience by trying some Vietnamese variations of chicken. It would be a rare and unique Christmas experience. For recommendations, you can try ga tan or herbal chicken soup – a favored treat for winter in Vietnam. You can also have more common and local experiences by looking for some favorite street food for winter.

Go shopping

Shopping for Christmas just feels so good, especially in Vietnam. The shops and malls are the best Christmas embracers: they are lousy decorated places. Moreover, they usually run discounts for Christmas Eve. Not to mention the fact that in Vietnam, everything is cheaper than usual.

Do charity or volunteer on Christmas

The most heart-warming thing to do for Christmas is spreading love. You can join with the locals on holding meaningful Christmas celebration for disadvantaged children, or donate to people living in poverty.

With these suggestions, hope that you can have a great Christmas holiday in Vietnam.