Winter is coming to town. Together with it, a lot of special treats for winter also follow. Winter is the prime time for the street food vendors and hot-serving street food. Everybody is in their appetite for food. You are so lucky to be in Hanoi during these days because the winter food scene of Hanoi is obviously the best.

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Snails (Ốc)

Snail dishes is increasingly consumed during the winter month. In these cold days of winter, it would be such a nice treat to soak yourself in the aromatic diffusing hot air coming from a bowl of boiled snails. Dipping snail’s flesh into the hot chili sauce, you can feel the fire burning inside your mouth, which is just about all you need in such a cold weather. You can try the local variety of snails or try snails served in Southern style.

Rice flour dumpling with sweet filling (Bánh trôi tàu)

You can easily find this sweet dessert in almost every che stalls around the city. It is one of the essential dishes in winter for citizens in Hanoi. The basic boil of sweet dumpling has 2 doughs: one is filled with mung beans paste and one is filled with sesame. What makes it so irresistible is the hot ginger syrup soaking the dough. A boil of Chinese sweet dumping will warm you up without doing any exercise.

Congee with pork or mussel (cháo sườn, cháo trai) and deep-fried rice stick

In the winter days, this rice soup is one of the most favored breakfasts for people in the city. A bowl of hot rice soup in the early morning would easily heal your loss of a warm morning with your comfy bed.

Banana and sweet potatoes and corn pancake (Bánh khoai, bánh chuối chiên)

These pancakes are one of the most eminent snacks of the winter. You can easily find the store which makes and sells these pancakes on literally every street of Hanoi. Crispy yellow deep-fried pancake is the king of the street food during the winter. The smell of these stalls is so distinguished that you can’t help noticing and attracted. Your sweet tooth would be satisfied with these delicious pancakes.

On these winter nights, you could easily spot out the dimming yellow light on every corner of the city. These lights are coming from the street barbeque vendor. The smell coming from these vendors will invade the streets and draw people to sit at the fireplace to enjoy savory foods, or grilled corn and sweet potatoes. Some sidewalk vendors also sell roasted hazelnuts. They are all easy-to-make and very quick-assess.

These foods have established a cherishable food scene, a lovely culinary feature for travelers to explore on their holidays in Hanoi.