Hoian is a colorful city in Vietnam, which makes you amazed by a lot of bright lanterns with various colors, and abundance of tailors waiting to create whatever customized masterpiece your heart desires.

My friends and I sent several days in Hoian in August to feel fresh air of the coastal town. It is a small city but beautiful and peaceful. My friends and I stay only 4 days but we loved every minute of it. If I were to do it all again though, there are few things I wish I had known that I want to share with you in case you travel to this beautiful city – Hoian.

Tips and General Information for Visiting Hoian Vietnam

  1. You can pay in American dollars – but consider the exchange rate! Many vendors will round the rate up for their convenience so you should paying more in the long run.
  2. Spend some time at the night market. It sounds like a bit of shopaholic nightmare but you should go there and relax. It can be fun and a great place to get cheap souvenirs.
  3. Some vendors get feisty when they are haggling – do not take it to heart. If you are not interested, be firm and avoid eye contact. If you would like to buy with cheaper price, you should bargain quickly and politely. If they do not agree, it is better for you to pay full price for thing they are not very expensive.
  4. The massages can get quite intimate, you cannot expect too much. You cannot really expect too much.
  5. Sign up for a cooking class. Even if the recipes do not look like something you will make again back at home, the experience is a must for food lovers! You can book in C-Vietnam Travel and have a private class at Treat Hoi An and the instructor was absolutely delightful and the food was fantastic. It included a tour of the market which was one of my absolute favourite parts of the trip.
  6. Visit outdoor market to see where the locals buy their food. The market is a photographers’ dream with vivid color and vibrant activity on every corner (and every nook and cranny in between). We did this as part of the cooking class we took and it was so incredibly fascinating to see behind the curtain into the daily life of Hoian residents.
  7. Most hotel loan out bicycles – use them! The town might feel small. But your legs and feet will ache after traipsing through those coblestones and you can cover much more ground cruising on two wheels.
  8. Visit the beach. It was not exactly ideal beach weather when we were there in September. It rained quite a bit but it was still enjoyable and a beautiful 20 minute bike ride away. I did not swim but my dad said the ocean was like bathwater. The fishing boats are really interesting too. If you come early enough in the day you’re bound too see at least a dozen round boats scattered throughout the beach. Plus, the ride from the city centre to the beach takes you through parts of town that you wouldn’t see otherwise.
  9. At the good shops tailoring is not cheap! Do not expect it to be. All things considered. The price are extremely low for tailored clothing, but after hearing the unbelievably low prices at the cheaper tailors. You might be a bit jaded and the prices at the nicer shops, which will seem steep. Try to keep the prices in perspective – you get what you pay for!