Golden Bridge (Da Nang, Vietnam) with giant hand has been selected by Time magazine (USA) is one of the most worth a visit in 2018.

Golden Bridge (Vietnam): Launched in June, the bridge with huge hands, 150 meters long, 1,400 meters above sea level, has been praised repeatedly by the international press including famous sites such as The Guardian, Buzzfeed and Bored Panda. The bridge is designed to stand out among the lush greenery, in the romantic sky. This bridge now is one symbol  of Vietnam tourism. Photo: Amazing Things in Vietnam.

Museum Louvre Abu Dhabi  (UAE): In the same category as the Golden Bridge, there is also the Museum Louvre Abu Dhabi. This is a place to preserve the great cultural antiquities, carrying out the same mission as the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. The metal dome museum is the most distinctive feature. This design simulates the beauty of the oasis when light goes through palm leaves. Picture: The National.

Tianjin (China) Library: The Tianjin Library is located in Tianjin, China is also on the list of Time magazine. The library has impressive interiors with white shelves and winding stairs from floor to ceiling. Photo: Getty Images.

House Casa Vicens (Spain): The residence of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, the house is one of the world’s cultural heritage of UNESCO, built around 1883-1885. Previously,  the house was not open to the public, but now Casa Vicens has been bought and turned into a museum. This is also one of the places chosen by Time magazine. Photo: Nonagon Style.

Conrad Resort (Maldives): The Conrad Resort on Rangali Island, Maldives is one destination chosen. This brings the hotel restaurant industry to new heights when its location is under the sea. The transparent glass walls will give you an unforgettable experience when watching the underwater world during dinner and rest. Picture: Adam Bruzzone.

Viking Orion yacht (Germany): Viking Orion is also an impressive place on the list. A space-themed yacht, featuring old-fashioned NASA photos. This summer, yachts make a round trip around the Mediterranean, giving visitors an unforgettable holiday experience. Photo: Alastair Miller.

Ice Hotel (Sweden): Ice Hotel in Sweden is also a beautiful place and very unforgettable for those who have come here. This place is built entirely of ice and snow, even the cups in the bar and bed. Photo: Asaf Kliger.

Atlas Bar (Singapore): Atlas Bar is a Singapore-based place for those who love wine Gin. This place has the largest collection of wine gin in the world, some of which have been in production since 1910. The Art Deco style of Gothic architecture makes this place one of the lavish destinations. Time magazine has suggested this place in the rankings. Photo: Hassel.

Seoul 7017 Skygarden (South Korea): Seoul 7017 Skygarden in Seoul, South Korea, is also one of the selected locations. This is a pedestrian-only building built on old bridges. This road is most beautiful when the light lighted up, Seoul 7017 high Skygarden looks like the blue snake waving through busy Seoul. Photo: Ossip van Duivenbode.

Zaryadye Park (Russia): Another place in the ranking is the Zaryadye Park in Moscow, Russia, an impressive building of modern times. This large-scale park includes a concert hall, an ice cave and a boomerang bridge over the Moscow River. Photo: Russia Beyond.

Underwater Art Museum (US): The Museum of Underwater Art in South Walton, Florida, is an extremely new American work. The new museum opened this summer and was designed to honor the beauty of nature. More specifically, visitors wishing to visit the museum must be trained in diving techniques, and boats in the surrounding area must not be anchored to avoid harming to the work. Photo: Getty Images.