In Myanmar, tea is a not just a normal beverage. It could even be eaten. Burmese has created many dishes out of tea leaves, some of them became the signature national staplers, like the tea leaf salad. Tea culture plays a big role in the life of Burmese. Here we will give you the complete guideline to explore the tea culture of Myanmar.

Burmese really treasures tea. It is one of the important products of the local agriculture. The Ayerwaddy river delta, or in the north of the Shan, Chin and Kachin are famous regions for growing the best tea.

In terms of culture, tea is so appreciated and favored and considered as one of the necessary of normal life. People drink and eat tea on a daily basis. Therefore, your vacation in Myanmar is not completed if you don’t try drinking tea once.

The popularity of tea could be traced back to the time of British colonialism. As you might know, tea-drinking is an inseparable part of British culture. And the colonists brought this custom with them when they came to Burma. Since then, it has flourished and integrated with the local culture and become a part of Burmese identity. Tea just feels right for a country with a long-standing tradition of Buddhism following the vegetarian culinary.

Burmese have adopted the tea thing with their very unique way. Drinking tea in other countries could be much of a complicated and elaborate procedure and served for only those of high status. But in Burma, it becomes something casual, common and basic. That is the beauty and unique feature of Burmese tea culture.


When traveling to Myanmar, you can feel the popularity of the custom of drinking tea through the ubiquitous appearance of tea houses and how crowded these places are along the day. Most of them look simply just as any normal restaurant. You can easily find one in literally everywhere in Myanmar. They could serve as a great stop for you whenever you feel tired along the long journey.

These tea shops are most busy in the morning when people have their breakfast with tea or at the end of a working day when people come to tea drinking as a relaxing routine.

Tea could be served in different ways. It could be drunk before main meals, accompanied with snacks. Most of the tea types are sweet, which is created by mixing tea with condensed milk. Tea shops always offer the snack to be served with tea.

The simplicity distinction of Burmese and their culture could be seen clearly through the production of tea and the way people making tea. Tea is grown organically with the minimum use of fertilizer or chemicals. Tea is also made in the most basic way, without adding too much flavor or complicated preparation.

Tea is indisputably a national drink of Burma. In Myanmar, it is really hard to spot out a coffee shop; it is the same for beer and other alcohol. If there is, they are only open to serve for foreigners. The healthy habit of drinking tea instead of other drinks has partly contributed to the lowest number of cancer victims.

To have the full experience of Burmese culture, you should definitely go and get a taste of an authentic cup of Burmese tea.