The city of Da Lat is famously known as the city of flowers. In any time of the year, you can see flowers blooming in this city, which has attracted many tourists all around the year to come and adorn beautiful flowers. And if you are in Da Lat in November, you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the pink glass covering over the hills of Da Lat.

The kind of pink glass grown in Dalat is close to hairawn muhly. This pinky glass will turn bloom its pink flowers. The hairawn muhly has grown in Da Lat for a long time. It used to be a very familiar sign in the city. However, in the recent time, with the developing of the city, the pink glass now only exist in the suburban area. It is most crowded in the area around the Golden Stream (Suối Vàng). Some other places that you can see this stunning glass are Trại Mát, Thái Phiên village.


In the recent year, the news that there is a pinky meadow in Da Lat has spread through the grapevine and brought a large number of visitors to this town in the last months of the year. The pinky glass becomes so popular and famous that the city government decides to hold a festival to promote and celebrate the blooming season for this particular flower.

The pink color of the bloom merging with the foggy weather of this town has created such a breath-taking, dreamy landscape. It is such a striking visual effect.

Most people come here early in the morning to catch the very first light of the day and enjoy the refreshing air. At that time, the light is so gentle and the fog still remains, both of them have joined to enhance the beauty of hairawn muhly. It is not only people come here to enjoy the scene: the meadow is also a meeting place for the wild horse. These laid-back and easy wild horses make the whole scene more lively and heavenly.

Unlike what you imagine, the glass is not actually lush and cloud-like. The grass remains quite short, and therefore the shade of pink is not that strong, instead, it is subtle and unreal and unique. As the sun comes up higher, the ground covered by hairawn muhly becomes more like lavender. It seems like you have entered a mysterious land of the devious charm.

If you have a chance to visit Da Lat in the late November and early of December, the high chance are you can see this stunning natural wonder.