Each city has its own rules that only people who have lived there for a very long time could understand. We are here to reveal you the unspoken rules of the transportations in Ho Chi Minh – the most chaotic city in Vietnam. They are all hard-learned lesson from most experienced locals.

  1. It is so essential to know the parking fee before you park your vehicle in District 1

Even the city government has their own law which sets the price for parking in the city. However, in Vietnam, everybody knows the laws are some tales that would never be true. Especially in the downtown – the center of the city, the parking fee is unreasonably high as the lack of parking spot and outweighed the number of vehicles. That is why it is necessary to know the price before you enter the parking lot. Don’t believe the price index, it is the concrete version of the tale which I have told you above.

  1. If you are in hurry, don’t ever enter Dien Bien Phu, Vo Thi Sau, Pasteur and Nguyen Dinh Chieu.

The reason is quite clear: the traffic jams. These streets are the most crowded routes in Sai Gon. Here are the survival tips from the locals. Number 1: Don’t you dare enter these streets if you are in hurry, especially when you are in the rush to the toilet. Number 2: Bring a book to entertain yourself while you are waiting for the traffic to ease.

It is a great idea to entertain yourself with a book in this situation.

3. District 4 and 8 are notorious places with a high rate of crime. According to the locals, you should keep yourself low-profile when moving around this area. Who knows if a single sound could wake the “evils” in the area?

  1. Don’t trust the turn signal.

Yay. Some people just forget which side is right and which side is left. That is quite understandable if you have to transport under such a high-pressure environment.

  1. Always bring a raincoat.

Sai Gon is usually visited by the unexpected familiar guest: the rain. A raincoat is essential. More than that, to better adapt to Sai Gon the weather, you have to know how to clean the spark plug of your motorbike. Why? In Sai gon, during the rainy season, the city is likely to be flooded any time. Knowing how to save your spark plug if it is soaked in water is vital survival skills.

  1. Be an expert in Google Map reading.

In Sai Gon, it is not a simple task to follow the guidance of Google. You can easily get lost while trying to find the way. Don’t self-doubt. It is not because you are a direction-illiterate, but because Sai Gon is simply a maze. It is time to know how to make the best use of the seemingly basic tech-tools like Google map.

  1. If you are driving on the highway, don’t get too close to the pavement.

It is because there might be a lot of edged metal pieces that could inflate your wheel. It is a trick of people to draw you to use their vehicle-rescuing services.

  1. Don’t show your phone while driving.

Due to the high day crime especially robbery, you should not show your phone or valuable asset.

Hopefully, with these tips, you will have the best traveling experience in Ho Chi Minh.