Mrauk U is the second largest center of Myanmar, just behind the Bagan – one of the biggest stars of the Myanmar tourism.

Mrauk U is the highlight of Rakhine State. Spreading along the hilltop of Rakhine State, Mraul U was the once the political and religious center of the Arakan Kingdom from 15th to 18th century. However, changes in history have moved the spotlight into other areas, which has led the region to lose its status and decline. It became a forgotten city.

Today, it is the isolation, gloomy scene, underdeveloped tourism of Bagan that contribute most to the charm of this destination.

However, the temples in Mrauk U bear some differences from those in Bagan. The materials used to build Mrauk U temples is stone brick rather than clay and mud brick.

These temples lurk between the greenery valleys and villages. The panoramic scenery is most stunning in fogy veil of the early morning. Navigating in the deserted area and getting lost in the sacred plan is one of the most memorable and profound moments of your holiday in Myanmar.

Most of the temples in Mrauk U are still open for worship. Even being forgotten by the rest of the world, they still indeed sustains its spiritual life and ceremonies, whereas some temples in Bagan is known restricted for visiting inside.

As it remains unnoticeable to tourists, Mrauk U boasts a serene and incredibly tranquil atmosphere and a holy spirit.

Temples clustering to the north of the site is considered the best sunset watching spot. They are also within a walkable distance from the hostels. Among them is the Shittaung Pagoda, it is the most visited of all. It boasts stunning intact interior decorations and paintings. Near Shittaung Pagoda, Andaw and Ratanabon Zedi Ratasanrway and Ratahmankeen temples and the Mahabodhi Shwegu, Laung Bwann Brauk pagoda are also of the highlight attractions of the northern part.

On the eastern and southern side of Mrauk U, there are as many temples and as dense as in the north; however, it is still worth visiting. On this part, you should go by car or bicycle. It will be not only a temple exploration but also a venture into the nature of the land. The highlight of the eastern and southern part is Kothaung Temple.

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