Specialty coffee is not a common choice in Vietnam. Most of the coffee drinkers are not familiar with the high-quality coffee.
However, there are still some shops provide specialty coffee. Here is the list of the top place which could serve your taste for specialty coffee.
1. KafeVille

Kafe is recently rising as a new coffee hub for coffee lovers. The price for a cup of coffee for KafeVille is higher than the average coffee shops in Hanoi, however, customers are guaranteed with the standard quality. They also sell coffee beans imported from the countries with famous, high-quality coffee like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Guatemala
2. Haka

Located near the Hoan Kiem Lake, it is convenient to go to Haka if you are staying in the Old Quarter area. Haka’s coffee style makes it more popular among the foreigners than the locals.
One special thing about Haka is that the coffee shop is in control of the whole process of making a coffee, which includes the coffee planting. It is said that the owner of the shop has a coffee plantation in Dalat and it is also the main source of coffee for Haka. That might be the reason why most of their coffee is Vietnamese, however, you can still find good foreign coffee if you insist on having one.
They are also famous for serving the signature egg coffee of Hanoi.
3. D’Codes Coffee Lab & Campus Vietnam

D’Codes Coffee Lab&Campyus’s mission seems to be very ambitious than normal coffee shop. D’codes is actually a coffee camp rather than a normal coffee. Their business involves more than just serving coffee, they also provide courses about coffee, which purpose is to educate people about the culture of coffee. If you are new to the coffee culture, you might want to take their course to explore the wonderful world of coffee.
4. Tranquil Books & Coffee

Tranquil is one of the well-known coffee shops in Hanoi. It has always been considered as one of the must go places. However, despite their popularity, you will not find the place too crowned or busting but very peaceful as their name implies.
Tranquil will give you the excellent combination of good vibes and good coffee. It might be the season why it remains to be the beloved coffee shop that everyone must try once.
5. GẤU Coffee & Bakery and GẤU Coffee Roasters

Gau Coffee & Bakery has two branches. One of them is located in the Old Quarter area – Hang Be Street, which is more convenient for tourists to access. You can try some unique Vietnamese specialty blends from this coffee shop.

Hope that this list of specialty coffee shop will give you the best cup of coffee during your tour in Hanoi.