Sapa is most famous for having one of most stunning sceneries in Vietnam. Besides the indisputable fame of its natural beauty, visitors to Sapa are also impressed by its appealing cuisine. The cuisine of the mountainous areas like Sapa is quite different from the traditional cuisine which you are most likely to see in big cities of Vietnam. Here are some best dishes that you could find in Sapa.

Com Lam

Com Lam is a national-famous delicacy created by the people in Northwest area. They filled bamboo pole with rice then and cooked on the fireplace. This special technique helps the dish acquire an earthy and aromatic smell. Sapa is a great destination for you to find the authentic com Lam which you could not find in other big tourism centers or in other big cities.

Rainbow sticky rice

Sticky rice is a widely-favored dish of the Vietnamese. It has a wide range of variety, with each region might have their specific way of cooking sticky rice. Among these regional sticky rice, rainbow sticky rice will surely stand out as the most colorful and vibrant dishes. With 7 different colors, the dish is really eye-catching, appealing, and hard to resist. To recreate such a vivid color, people add natural-made food color. This lovely dish is the highlight of any dining table.

Naturally raised pork

Sapa’s naturally raised pork or lợn cắp nách – which literally means carry-under-arm pig in Vietnamese – is a national-famous delicacy of Sapa. The locals let their pigs grown naturally and wilder outside without the intervention of human’s hand. With this unusual farming technique, the pork’s textile is tough, the smell is strong. It is considered as of the highest-quality pork.

Grilled meat

The foggy and cool weather of Sapa is an ideal background to enjoy the aromatic meat all around the year. Grilled meat has become the most-favored street food of Sapa.


Thang co

Visiting the markets of Sapa, you will notice that the locals crowd around a giant pot and slurping a bowl of rice noodles. It is likely that you are seeing people enjoying their thang co. Thang co is a delicacy of the Northwest people. It is made of horse’s viscera together with many other spices. Even being a widely favored among the locals, it is not fondly embraced by the people from other regions due to its unattractive appearance and strong taste.

The dish is best supplemented by strong liquid and the cool breeze.


Most part of Vietnam does not have the favorable weather for salmon to grow; however, it is different in Sapa. Salmon is newly adopted in Vietnam. Salmons in Sapa taste particularly good. It tastes even better than salmons imported from other countries. If you like salmon, you should definitely treat yourself with a salmon fest in Sapa.