In the last three days, the news outlet in Vietnam has burst out with the latest and unexpected visit of Christopher Nolan – one of the greatest talent of the movie industry in our time.

According to some photos which are viral over the internet, the international famous director was caught walking on Nguyen Hue Street of Ho Chi Minh City. He was seen being with his family – his wife and four kids. It seems that he was enjoying his vacation after working on his big project – Dunkirk. The film has hit an enormous success in the box office and it was greeted with applause by both audiences and critics. It makes sense now he can relax and go on a late summer vacation to one of the promising destinations on the world map for travelers.

The number of visitors to Vietnam has seen a rapidest growth ever, which has shown the growing charm of Vietnam in the eyes of international tourists. And the well-known director is not an exception.

Nolan with his family on street of Ho Chi Minh

The detail of his trip to Vietnam is left unknown, however, with the power of the social media, let’s hope that we could, somehow, trace his itinerary to have this “road of Nolan” to inspire our own journey to Vietnam.

Some even hope that this little trip will inspire him to make some moves to Vietnam for his future project. Recently, Vietnam, or more specifically, Quang Binh has been featured on a Hollywood blockbuster – Kong: Skull Island which starred Tom Hiddleston. Nothing is certain but let’s just wait and see, who knows what would be his next inspiration?

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