Buddhism has deeply influenced the whole culture of Myanmar. One of the main cultural aspects which are greatly inspired by the national religion is the cuisine. You can notice this when traveling to Bagan. With an intention to explore the vegetarian cuisine of Myanmar, you should visit these restaurants immediately.

The Moon is a vegetarian restaurant in Bagan. It is ranked second on the list of restaurants in Burma on Trip Advisor. The Moon or Be Kind to Animal The Moon is one of the musts for any traveler to Bagan. And there are good reasons for it.

It is located near Ananda Temple; therefore it is always teeming with temple-visitors.
The Moon is designed as an airy garden with abundant natural light. It goes perfectly with the healthy menu of vegetarian dishes.

The scoring point of this restaurant is that it offers a great deal of vegetarian and traditional Burmese dishes.
Some recommendations for you are pumpkin and ginger soup, tea leaf salad, papadums, sautéed vegetables with vermicelli, spicy chapati wraps and creamy lassis.

It is an excellent choice if you want to venture into Myanmar’s cuisine without being frightened with too strange additional ingredients like fish paste or dried shrimp.

Last but not least, The Moon is always praised for its helpful staffs. You will leave in total satisfy.

Another option for you is Khaing Shwe Wha – a family-run restaurant. It is located near the Moon, which is pretty of a dilemma for visitors. Khaing Shwe Wha is a small but lovely eatery.

They also offer a wide range of vegetarian dishes. If you are ready to set to Khaing Shwa Wha, here are some dishes that you need to try: papaya or pennywort salad, golden-pumpkin curry and tomato-peanut curry. Aubergine salads and guacamole with pappadum are also essentials. Together with The Moon, Khaing Shwe Wha also made it to the Lonely Planet.

Another noteworthy place is Yar Pyi Restaurant. Located just right across the road from The Moon, no need to tell they are big rivals. These two are really favored and received a lot of positive feedbacks. The only way to access yourself which one is better is to try both of them. They are quite close, then why not?

The menu of Yar Pyi is not much different than that of the Moon. Some of the great dishes that you might want to try are pumpkin soup and bean curry, guacamole, and poppadums.

When you are in Bagan, just give these three restaurants a try and you will not be disappointed.