Hanoi is not a nigh-owl. The city goes to sleep really early. There aren’t many grocery stores to open after midnight, let alone restaurants or food store. Some people might find it super surprising to discover that the night of Hanoi is hiding some of its best culinary treats. Unlike the silent midnight streets, these food stalls are always full despite the unusual opening hours.

Ribs rice soup

Ribs rice soup might not be the most famous dish of the city. However, it is one of the most favored breakfast options for the local citizens. This simple dish is the number one cure for the midnight hunger. It is no surprise that people are gathering around a little stall on the street of Dong Xuan market after the midnight. The street food store is open until 3 A.M.

Pho stall near the railway in the Old Quarter

If you ever go around this little corner of Hanoi after midnight, it is impossible not to notice the appealing smell of the pho fusing into the quiet night. The smell will wake your stomach and make it hard to resist a late night treat like this. It has been opening for 5 successive generations. However, this midnight pho stall is not a wide-known brand name given its long history; and only people who have been living in Hanoi for a long time and who love wandering around the streets after the night falls knows about its existence. With such a long history, it is truly a part of Hanoi’s night. It is one of the wonderful food experience that you can have in the Old Quarter.

Address: Tong Duy Tan Street, Hanoi


Ta Hien Beer Street

Well, yeah. The beer street of Ta Hien will give you a different taste of Hanoi nightlife, Unlike the aromatic food stalls with people enjoying the food, this beer street is an energetic destination for young folks who want to have a noisy night out. If you don’t feel like having a tight sleep in the hotel room, get out and have some draft beer in Ta Hien with other night thrill-seekers.

BBQ, hot pot and chicken rice for the night crave

These dishes are really strong dose which would kill any night crave. You can find these dishes in the two famous night food streets: the food corner of Dong Xuan market and Tong Duy Tan Street. The two streets are the ultimate survival guide for you through a hard night out: You can always find a place to fill your stomach with food any time of a day. Besides the food, you can also have a good drink on these streets.

Trying night food is one of the unique ways to explore Hanoi. By wandering and navigating through the food maps of Hanoi at night, you can see this city in a new light – a city of quiet streets and gentle night, a place where people seems to be more relaxing and solitude. You can see why some people give up their sleep and go out for a late night treat.