Learning to drink the way the local drink is a great way to get to know about a place and its people. If you are going to Southeast Asia countries, especially Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, it is a great idea to have a real experience of the beer cultures in those countries.


Alcohol is not always welcome in every country, but not in Cambodia. People in Cambodians are encouraged to drink more and more, as a way to stimulate a section of the industry. With a loose law on drinking and the cheap price of beer and liquor, and a free and open attitude to drinking of the local, Cambodia seems to be one of the best places to get drunk.


Vietnamese also go hard for beer and alcohol, especially bia hoi, or draft beer. After the working hours, you can easily see the drinking places are always crowded. People are not shy to make the sense that they are having fun and getting drunk by saying out loud Mot, hai, ba, Yo. However, beer and alcohol is also a contributor to many of the traffic accidents in Vietnam, so make sure don’t drag yourself into the worse scenario by driving while being drunk.


The national drink of Myanmar is tea, therefore, people are not eager to drink tea as much as people in the neighboring countries. Your scheme to drunk the night away in Myanmar would not succeed due to the strict curfew: Beer shops all close before 9.

However, Burmese men are still quite big drinkers. Join the local and say Aung myin par say! if you are in Myanmar.


Laos is famous for its national beer brand – Beer Laos. It is one of the best beer in the Southeast Asia. And respective, Laos is also the number one consumer of beer within the area. For stronger appetize, you can choose lao, type of rice whiskey.