Every visitor can ride a horse to the beautiful scenery of Bagan city even though he has never experienced in it before.

Bagan in central Myanmar is famous worldwide for the beauty of more than 2,200 temples, pagodas and monasteries built in the mid-11th century. These historical sites are scattered on a flat dry land.
Visitors to Bagan should choose transportation instead of walking to explore more destinations. In particular, horse riding is a very popular tourist service besides air balloons, rickshaw and motorbikes.

First, visitors will be given a registration sheet about their health status and horse riding proficiency. After the introduction, the manager will instruct visitors about the time, manner and rules of the trip. Participants need to be honest to ensure their own rights. If you first experience, the staff will accompany the horse throughout the journey.

Each registered visitor will be equipped with helmet and leg covers. In it, the leg covers works to reduce the impact on the saddle when moving because this part is very hard.

After wearing the safety equipment, visitors must spend an additional 15 minutes to see basic instructions on how to control horses to turn in the direction, run and stop … You also learn how to pull the reins and move the hips when riding .

Laotian tourist is climbed up by two supporters and showed the way to hold the reins. This is the time to start the visit around the ancient city of Bagan.

In a delegation with horse-riders, two leading and closing staff, support groups. In particular, the horse riders always follows first-time visitors to prevent risks. The support team will serve tourists drinking water, wet towels and taking photos on the journey.

Bagan horse riding tour takes visitors through the temples scattered throughout the Bagan region. In the picture is Dhammayangyi temple built in 1167 and is the largest Buddhist architecture here.

Whenever visitors need to stop to take photos, the staff will respond. The horse team mainly goes at a slow pace to keep it safe and help visitors have time to see the ancient ruins.

Francesco Pogghi, Thai tourist, passes Dhammayangyi. In addition to owning the largest area, the temple also contains many mysteries. Legend says that King Narathu killed his father and brother to occupy the throne. But when he was enthroned, perhaps because he was worried about creating bad karma, he built temples from 6 million bricks to make offerings to Buddha. The people of Myanmar still transmitted each other’s ear and said that King Narathu was extremely strict. He was ready to cut off the workers’ hands if they built imperfect temples, the bricks had to be fitted so tightly that a needle could not cross.

In addition to the free stops at the discretion of visitors, the group will rest after traveling halfway to take a group photo. The Bagan horse riding tour here has 2 prices to choose from: 45 USD per hour and 95 USD for 2.5 hours.

Bagan belongs to a tropical climate, only rainy and dry seasons. The best time to travel here is from November to February, when it is clear, sunny and cool. Vietnamese tourists can fly from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Yangon with round-trip tickets from 136 USD. From here, you can travel by bus or plane to Bagan.