Tropical fruits are just out of this world. They are full of the name you might never try or hear before. If you are fruit-craver and want to try bizarre tropical fruits, you should instantly add Vietnam to your wish list, because you can find many of the strangest fruits in the world in Vietnam.

And here are some exotic fruits that you can try when traveling Vietnam.

Dragon Fruit

This fruit has a very strange and eye-catching look. Its peel is reddish and the meat inside is white and dotted with tiny black seeds. In Vietnamese, it is called thanh long – whose meaning is also similar to its English name. If you know how to pick up the right one, you can have a really good and sweet dragon fruit. Especially in summer, it will make the best refresher for a heated day.


Coming to the next fruit, this is another funny-looking fruit but has an impossible-to-say-no taste. Its red skin is “hairy” with many spines; no wonder why its Vietnamese name is chom chom – a word to describe messy and raising hair. Nevertheless, the flesh inside is white, smooth and utterly delicious that can make anyone become addicted.


Lychee has been harvested and favored among Vietnamese for really long time. It has a very distinguishable and tempting aroma which you can tell even from meters away. In the past, lychee grown in some particular area in Vietnam is considered as an exceptionally valuable treat, which is served to the emperor and the royal family as well as the high-status residents. Today, during its season, you can find it everywhere.


In comparison with all the fruits listed above, longan might look dull and nowhere as vividly bright and visually attempting; however, its flesh is crazily good. It is sweet but fresh and musky. It is usually used as an ingredient of che – some kind of sweet pudding of Vietnam.


Pomelo is very common and native in Vietnam. It is considered a very healthy fruit; even its peel is widely used to make traditional medicine. It might taste a little bit bitter and strong which could evoke all of your senses.

If you are traveling to Vietnam, it is an obviously valuable chance to discover the unique fruit scene that you might not find anywhere else. And these name below will surely give you some taste of the tropical fruit heaven.


One of the most exciting activities that could bless you with the myriad of tropical fruit is to visit fruit gardens in the Southern part of Vietnam. It will give you the chance to try all of these fruits and see the farming progress behind it.


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