Vietnam should absolutely be in travelers’ destination list. Why? Because of its epic history, rich culture, and stunning landscape. It’s fairly to say this country is able to awaken all your senses. Therefore, there are numerous attractions for couples to get a romantic honeymoon. Here is the list of perfect places for wedding get-away in Vietnam.

1.Halong Bay

Sailing along one of 7 World Heritage wonders is a perfect ways to enjoy the honeymoon. It’s Halong Bay. Halong Bay is the world of various beautiful caves which were mostly created in Pleistocene epoch in around 2.000.000 – 11.000 years ago. Grotto system is wealthy treasure of Halong Bay as its aesthetic value and geological value. You two can explore them by yourself during your private Halong cruise. During the cruise, you can indulge yourselves in the fabulous nature here and enjoy beautiful forested limestone cliff formation and emerald water. It’s also a great chance for a romantic kiss! Why not? Click here to explore excellent cruises in Halong Bay.

2. Hoi An
Hoi An is a popular getaway destination, known for its quaint village atmosphere complete with art galleries, cheap tailors and numerous bars and restaurants. It’s definitely the best place to spend your romantic honeymoon and get away from your hustling daily life. The slow pace of life, the fresh air, quaint villages and welcoming people will make your Vietnam Vacations unforgettable. Besides, it’s also a great chance for you to enjoy the real local food and sharpening your cooking skill by asking local people for traditional cooking instructions. Don’t hesitate because friendly Vietnamese will be willing to help you.

3.Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc Island is a charming island known for its palm-fringed land and white sandy beaches. Phu Quoc is a wonderfully romantic destination for couples, a paradise where the peace is only broken by the repetitive sound of the waves on the beach. You want to go to a paradise for your honeymoon? Phu Quoc is a great idea. This is a great retreat from your hustling city. It is very unspoiled landscape or the simple fishing villages dotted around the island but has allowed cocoons of luxury where the simple life can be combined with luxurious accommodation that are Phu Quoc’s special feature . The majority of Phu Quoc Island is dedicated to National Park and protected marine environment, providing a memorable experience, with plenty of exciting activities and places to visit to keep you and your loved one entertained during your stay. If you are finding a perfect luxury beach holiday in Vietnam, Phu Quoc is an ideal choice for you!

4.Dalat – The City of Love
Known as “Le Petit Paris”, Dalat is still a city retreat for you and your husband. It is definitely an ideal hideaway place for couples to stroll hand in hand on streets lined with trees, contemplating classic attractiveness of French colonial villas and poetic beauty of the valley of Love. Don’t forget to explore Vietnam’s most romantic ethnic minority village: Cu Lan, which looks like a fairyland among a pristine and romantic scenery, a range of mountains and charming valleys and stunning waterfalls.

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