Mid-Autumn festival is a long-establishing tradition in Vietnam. In the past, Mid-Autumn festival is meant to celebrate the full moon, take a rest from a busy harvesting season and to wish for an abundant prospective harvest. During this time of the year, Vietnamese people have developed their own style of celebrating the full moon festival.

If you have a holiday in Vietnam during this time of the year, it would be a fun experience to have a Mid-Autumn festival in Vietnamese way. We will give you the complete guide to have the full experience of Vietnamese Mid-Autumn.

Eat mooncakes with tea while contemplating the moon

The tradition of drinking tea under the gentle light of the moon is a sophisticated ritual which shows the very beautiful elegant side of Vietnamese’s daily routine, especially in the Mid-Autumn night when the moon reaches greatest. It would be a miss to not have a cup of tea while soaking in the moonlight with the complement of sweet mooncakes – the perfect snack to go with tea. So, if you are not into joining the crowded streets and prefer to have a quiet and solitary night to enjoy the moon, this is a great choice for you.

If you are on a holiday in Hanoi, here are some places where you can buy the best mooncakes.

Buy a lantern

In the past, the lanterns were mostly hand-made. However, today, you can easily get one from toy stores anywhere. In Hanoi, Hang Ma is the famous streets for selling lanterns. If you are Ho Chi Minh City during the Mid-Autumn festival, you should probably visit the Lương Nhữ Ngọc Street in which you will see a vibrant world of lanterns.

If you want to try making lantern by your own hands, you can join a class teaching lantern-making process. These classes are very popular in Hoi An. In Hanoi, in the month of Mid-Autumn, there will be some events which include teaching kids how to make a lantern. The Museum of Ethnology is widely known for holding the annual Mid-Autumn celebration, which includes mask and lantern-making class. Surely, they would not mind letting any adults who interest in making traditional lanterns to join this creative process.

Join the lantern parade

On the Mid-Autumn night, children with colorful lanterns on their hands will form a crowd which will parade around their residential area.

The crowd will be led by an iconic traditional character named Chu Teu. You can easily spot him out of the crowd due to the distinctive colorful mask with a really big smile and a big tummy and coconut fans. The parade is assisted by the resounding drums and the lion dance crew.

When the modernization takes over the big city or even in the countryside, it is no longer safe to let your kids out by themselves and there is not so much space to hold a big parade. However, because it is Mid-Autumn, parents still try their best to give kids a happy and wonderful time with other kids. You still can see people holding this tradition in big cities even though the parade route will be shorter.

This particular activity is perfect for your kids to enjoy. Even if you don’t have kids with you, it is still wonderful to walk by side and see all the bright smile of enthusiastic kids.

Phan Thiet and Tuyen Quang are the two provinces which are thought to hold the largest and most tumultuous lantern parades.

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