Fried spider found in Cambodia must be among the weirdest food in Southeast Asia. Bizarre as it might sound, the dish is considered a delicacy of Cambodia and very famous among tourists.

Some decades ago, Cambodia suffered from a severe famine, in which there wasn’t anything left to eat. People came up with making tarantulas – giant black spiders – which were so pervasive into something eatable. It was the story behind the birth of this weird dish.

Even though being born as the result of the poverty, the fried spiders are no longer a cheap snack, instead, quite expensive than other local food. It has become a culinary attraction which is very popular among foreign tourists.

Most of the tarantulas come from Skuon – a town located between Phnom Penh and Siem Riep – which is famously known as the Spiderville. Tarantulas are most populous during the rainy season which starts in June. In some rural area of the country, many people make living out of hunting for tarantulas.

To make the dish, after being washed, the spiders are dipped in sugar and salt. And then, they are fried in hot oil. Cambodians really love the food. Fried spider usually serves as a snack supplementing beer or liquor.

If you can defeat the fear of eating a blackish, hairy spiders and try it, you might feel eating spider is not bad as it seems. Fried spiders are tasty and crunchy.

You can buy it in many streets of Siem Riep or you can go straight to the land of tarantulas – Spiderville. It is also possible to take a cooking lesson of fried spider if you don’t mind handling black spiders.

Eating a giant spider must be an unforgettable part of your holiday in Cambodia and an intricate story to tell after your holiday.

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