Surrounded by Tich river, Duong Lam is not only typical for Vietnamese village in the past but also famous for its own attractiveness. This hundreds-of-year-old village still keeps its traditional appearance with common sights to many generations growing up from countryside: banyan trees, village gate, public well, … When arriving in Duong Lam, visitors will be really surprised by the peace here, as if you take a step back into the past. On the long and fairy narrow path leading to the village stands a giant banyan tree – a symbol of Vietnam’s villages with opening view to the large lake beside the village gate. Winding lanes, high and thick walls, old houses… all are made from laterite, which makes Duong Lam have unique and significant attractiveness to visitors. Almost of  the houses in the village were built since 1649, 1703 and 1850 and the durability of laterite helps them come over challenges of time.

Hiding inside peaceful
and quiet beauty of this ancient village is heroic history. This is hometown of two King in Vietnam feudal dynasties: Ngo Quyen and Phung Hung. Ngo Quyen Temple and Phung Hung Temple are the most solemn and sacred places in village where many important events take place and many precious items like: the stone axe, newly stone archaeological sites, wood stake in Bach Dang which was brought in the previous battle field in 938 are reserved