The big market that takes place on weekends in Bac Ha is an interesting cultural meeting place for national and foreign tourists visiting Lao Cai.

The Bac Ha Cultural Market takes place every Sunday in Bac Ha Center, Bac Ha District, Lao Cai Province, about 60 km from Lao Cai City. This market is famous and has the largest scale in the northwest region.

I know the Bac Ha market thanks to the introduction of a friend living here. For a weekend, I return to the North West, discover a simple and rustic life among the people of Bac Ha, not to mention the beauty of this land by photo.

My first impression of the market was the lively, colorful and daring mountain. In Bac Ha market, many ethnic groups exchange goods, create a rich diversity of identity. The highland traders, women, mother, girl in ethnic dress embroidered in many colors, are unique in the market.

The most impressive memory in me when I visite Bac Ha market is when I the moment of glutinous rice sellers. The picture looked like a warm winter in a cold mountainous region.

Arrival in Bac Ha, attend the morning market. You will be fascinated by the landscape here when the morning sun will brighten up the people’s costume or the colorful products of the highlands.

Every booth at the fair has an interesting point. Many traditional items ranging from animals to objects are sold. At the Bac Ha market, I was particularly impressed by the horse market. The horses are sold as a means of transport of the highland minorities.

Tourists visiting the Bac Ha market certainly can not ignore the colorful souvenir kiosks. As we leave, visitors bring a small gift to celebrate the Northwest cultural experience.

Foreigners particularly like dolls in traditional dress.

Clothing booth selling all kinds of handmade clothes by the mother herself. You can buy an ethnic costume and buy colorful towels and blankets as gifts.

Silver jewelry such as necklace, bracelet, earring are indispensable elements of the traditional costume of many ethnic minorities living in Lao Cai. These silver items are handmade.

The largest market in Lao Cai attracts many international visitors. In my opinion, the Bac Ha market is always charming with simplicity, color.