Cambodia is famously known for its magnificent Angkor Wat. However, not many people know that, to the north-west of the country, there is an important historical sight of even older age than Angkor Wat. It is Banteay Chhmar.

If you want to have an off-the-beaten-track trip to Cambodia, you should definitely go to this site. Even not being so popular, the value of this temple is no way less significant than others. After a long age of being forgotten, Banteay Chhmarm has been opened for tourists to visit in 2014. It is a potential tourist attraction in the future.

Built in 12th, Banteay Chhmarm is also the relics of the Jayavarman VII reign. The temple remains as one of the most mysterious temples as there is rarely any information about its origin. Some say that it is built to honor the king’s son, who had died in a battle.

Today, the site is mostly invaded by nature with tree cracking out of the walls and stones. However, nature could not illuminate the beauty of the once-glorious temple. You can still spot out everywhere and then the stunning sculptures and carvings of the ancient temple.

You can see a lot of great bas-reliefs which display the life in the Angkor era. Two of the most impressive bas-reliefs of Banteay Chhmarm – the images of the Avalokitesvara are now the displayed in Western galleries.

The location of this temple is in the disputed land between Thailand and Cambodia, which leads the threat of looting due to lack of strict and serious conservation act. Many of the valuable artifacts and relics have been stolen out of its original setting.

Banteay Chhmarm temple was a part of a large Angkor complex. Around the main temple of Banteay Chhmarm, there are nine satellite shrines. You can also make a multiday trip throughout all of these satellite shrines.

This temple is tucked in the dense jungle and merged into nature. It is secluded and not so tourist-packed; therefore, you can get more space and time to appreciate and gain a deeper travel experience.