Shwedagon is a masterpiece and a true wonder which every Burmese takes pride of. It is always on the top destinations for any vacation in Myanmar.


If you ever made it to Yangon, then you would not possibly miss one of the most glorious and important Buddhism building – Shwedagon Pagoda. Built 2600 years ago, it is considered as one of the oldest pagodas in the world. This pagoda is the concrete evidence of the great belief of Burmese. Covered in diamonds and jewelry, this might be the most glamorous sight that you have ever seen. Shwedagon is situated on the top of a hill. And plus the height of 99 meters, it becomes an outstanding sight of Yangon. It is indeed the highest construction of Yangon as the city government declares that no construction in this city should beat the height of Shwedagon. The most significant construction of the complex is a golden-covered dome. On the top of this dome lies a stupa wrapped with over 7000 diamonds, rubies and topaz, sapphire and all the shining things that you can ever imagine. The main and the largest dome is surrounded by 64 smaller stupas which are also covered by gold. Shwedagon lights up the skyline of Yangon at any time of the day. If you have ever been to Yangon, it is hard to not notice the burning glorious sight of Shwedagon and resist the instinct temptation of getting close to gleaming things. As the day comes to its end, this pagoda also reaches the most glorious and magnificent looks. When the last sun ray falls in the city, Shwedagon Pagoda burns bright and looks like a mysterious dream from the old day of the Middle East empires. It is like you have stepped into the world of One thousand and One Nights. Besides its stunning looks, the pagoda also acquires remarkable status in the spiritual life of every Burmese. Shwedagon is like the Muslim’s Kaaba at Mecca. It becomes some kind of duty for Buddhism to make the pilgrimage to Shwedagon Pagoda.

Travel tips

To enter the pagodas, all visitors have to take off their shoes. Guests and pilgrims could follow the carpet surrounding the main dome as the floor would be really hot. You should arrange to arrive this sight in the morning because it would be less crowded and the weather is more favorable and cooler. There would be eight statues which stand for 7 days of a week with Wednesday has two, each represents haft of the day. According to one’s birthday, visitors will pray and wish at the responding statue. When you enter any sacred place, you should dress appropriately: you should wear long trousers and avoid sleeveless shirt and revealing clothes. In Myanmar’s religious building, it is considered impropriate for women to touch the monks. They are also limited in access to some places. For example, in Shwedagon, women are not allowed to enter the porch of the main dome. One thing to keep in mind is that you should never turn your back at the Buddha’s statues. The entrance cost is 8 dollars. It is opened from 4 a.m to 10 p.m.