Ngwe Saung is situated in the Bay of Bengal, the west of Myanmar. It is hardly a well-known destination beach in Myanmar, which makes this beach among the most charming unspoiled ones in Myanmar. Like its name “Ngwe”, Ngwe Saung owns a white tranquil silvery sandbank. I’m sure that you will fall head over hear in love with it right in the first time you walk here. In order to get unforgettable experiences in your Myanmar vacations, do not miss this beautiful beach.


Ayeyarwady Region is a division of Myanmar with the area of 13,566 SQ miles, occupying the delta region of the Ayeyarwady River (formerly the Irrawaddy River). It's bordered by Bago Region to the north, Yangon Region to the east, and the Bay of Bengal to the south and west; contiguous with the Rakhine State in the northwest. The population is about 6.5 million people, which makes it Myanmar's most populous states. The average population density per sq mile is 466 persons.

Travel tips

How to get to Ngwe Saung, Myanmar The first thing you need to do is go to Yagon, of course. And then, book Asia Dragon Express’s bus from Yagon to Ngwe Saung, which departures at 10 p.m and arrives at Ngwe Saung before 4 a.m. The return ticket cost about 15$ for each. The boarding point is in front of the Yagon railway station and the dropping one is at your hotel that is also the pick-up place for the return ticket. It is highly recommended for you to book the ticket in advance, especially in the peak travelling season to get expected comfortable seats. Admire the massive beach If you get sleepy and tired after a long bus, surroundings in Ngwe Saung will refresh you right after you see them. Beaches here are absolutely marvelous. Take a swim or sun-bathing is good ideals in Ngwe Saung. Let’s image the moment you can indulge yourself into the nature with sea breeze and susurrus of the wave. Nothing is more relaxing than it. Take a walk round Lover's Island Situated off the beach, Lovers’ Island is easily accessible to walk on foot once the tide retreats. This island offers a captivating seascape with massive silvery sand, endless sea and stunning sunset. Besides, on the way to get to Lover’ Island, you will find a Buddha temple on the right and a little mermaid statue on the left. A pair of comfortable sandals is recommended since this island has many trees and sharp rocks. Enjoy the pagodas on the beach Myanmar is famous for pagodas and temples so it is not surprising that you can see pagodas everywhere in Myanmar, even on the beach. Ngwe Saung also has temples, which contributes considerably to its special beauty. Therefore, it is essential for you, tourists to admire temples here by follow all the rules of those temples. Should you wear bikini in Ngwe Saung You must be shocked with this tip, but it is really useful. You even have never thought that there exists a beach people do not wear bikini on it. It is Ngwe Saung. Myanmar is a country having certain restrictions and traditional modest attire. To local people, T-shirt and jeans are normal costume on the beach. They often wear pyjamas or T-shirts and jeans on the beach instead of bikini. You, foreign visitors are still permitted to wear bikini as long as you carry a sarong to cover up. Be aware of local sensibilities to get a perfect stay. ATM in Ngwe Saung Make sure you carry enough cash for your trip in Ngwwe Saung in spite of two ATMs here because there is some information about their unreliability. Almost high end places accept credit cards but they charge a 3-5% transaction fee.