Golden Rock is a favored destination among Burmese as it is one of the most important religious attractions for Buddhism followers in all around the country.


If you have ever taken interest in searching for Myanmar’s tourist attractions, the high chance is that you might encounter the image of the Golden Rock of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. It is one of the most important destinations in the tourism maps in Myanmar. Each year, Kyaiktiyo has attracted a copious amount of religious pilgrim. What is the appealing of this particular place? Let’s discover the reason behind its popularity. Kyaiktiyo is one of the most long-standing religious buildings in Myanmar; it is thought to be constructed 2500 years ago. Originally being a small pagoda located on the top of Kyaiktiyo Mount, it is 1,000 meters above the sea level. The main reason for its attractions lies in the mysterious and unique existence of the Golden Rock. The egg-like rock stands on the verge of the mountain top. The contact area between the giant rock and the mountain is just 78-centimeter square and it has stayed like this for thousand years, which is unusually strange and unbelievable The devout Buddhists have covered the rock with golden the way to show their respect as they always do. People believe that there is a Buddha’s hair on the small stupa on the top of the rock that keeps this rock from falling down. The myth around this rock is the origin for the flow of Buddhism followers to come and pray along the history of the Golden Rock.

Travel tips

Because it is located on the top of a high mountain, the journey to the top might be a little bit of difficult side. You will have to hike a 16-kilometer route or get in a roofless car for a thrilling drive along uneven roads to the foot of the mountain. However, the sight along the road is worth your try. Before stepping into the holy area, you have to take off your shoes. And to the top, women have to stop at a gate and not allowed to step closer to the Golden Rock. Everyone has to admit that it is the end of the day that the sight becomes the most majestic. Under the dimming light and smoke from incenses in the end of the day, the rock looks shiny and stunning with its most imposing and impressive spirit. Even though the living standard of this country is considered as low, the devotion and people’s faith has kept this pagoda being shining and crowned as ever.