Inle Lake is one of the most-visited destinations in Myanmar. It will be a wonderful exploration into the culture and nature of one of the unique areas in the Southeast Asian.


You might know Myanmar through the impressive Bagan – a hub of many historical temples and ancient architectures. However, there is still one other destination where you will get to know the life of the more recent and cultural-packed residential area. Inle in Burmese means a big lake. This expansive lake is 40 kilometers away from the Taung-Kyi City – the capital of Shan. How come a lake is a host of a residential area? The answer is that, for a really long time, Inle has been the house of an ethnic group called Inthar people. The name Inthar literally means “people living on the lake.”

Place to visit

On the quiet surface of Inle Lake, Inthar people have created one of the most unique cultural and architectural heritages in the world, which has charmed thousands of people going to this destination every year and make it one of the most-visited place in Myanmar. Coming to Inle Lake, you will get to see the exotic life style of Inthar people. Every visitors to Inle will end up with the same question, how do these people can come up and maintain such an unusual, but still, stable life out of the water-surface like no one else before. They build houses, cultivate, socialize and make living just within the water surface of Inle Lake. Cultivation is considered as the greatest achievement of Inthar people. Generations of people have generated a unique way of cultivating on the water: They create gardens of floating beds anchored by bamboo poles and use weeds as the soil from which plant will grow. Tomatoes grown in Inle Lake make a special and famous treat for every visitor. Besides agriculture, Inthar people also earn living from fishing. Many guests come here longing to see Inthar men sailing by wrapping their legs around the paddle. If they sit rowing, their sight will be hindered by reeds and plants, therefore they come up with this unique style of rowing. Each of them will catch fishes with a large conical net. This scene gives us an impression as we are watching a contemporary performance. Inle men with their elegant boats have become an iconic and distinguished feature of Inle. One spectacular thing you can’t ignore while visiting Inle Lake is to watching the majestic sunset on the water of Inle. It will be surely the most unforgettable memory ingrained in your mind. Besides a tour around the lake, you can also expand your trip to the nearby land. To the South of Inle, there is a place which is regarded as Bagan of Shan. It is a sight of relics from an ancient construction built since the 11th century.