Situated in the southeast area of Vietnam, the Con Dao Island is an archipelago of Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. It is approximately 183 kilometers from Vung Tau and 228 kilometer from Ho Chi Minh City. This archipelago is composed of about 16 mountainous islands and islets, which in particularly are different magma rocks.


There's nowhere like it in all Vietnam. This spectacular island, with its well-kept municipal buildings and fresh calm atmosphere and breath-taking seascape, would make a great vacation in Vietnam. It will be an exciting experience to stroll streets lined with French-style villas, frolic on the beach, explore the diversified ecosystem here and indulge into the nature. Besides, travelers get the chance of visiting several prisons, " the hell on earth" to resurrect the horror war.

Place to visit

Bai Dat Doc There is no shadow of doubt that Bai Dat Doc is the best beach on Con Son Island, composed of a 1-km stretch of white sand and spectacular green hills. This beach is absolutely a great get-away from a hectic life for its tranquility and fresh air. Just free your soul, indulge into the purity of nature and frolic on the beach. It will be the most relaxing ever! Bay Canh To the east of Con Son island is a lovely island named Bay Canh. Why is it said so? Not only getting an uniquely beautiful shape, but is the whole island covered by a rain-forest which is the shelter of a variety of species such as black squirrels, lizards, pythons, ebony squirrels and so forth. If you are a nature lover and adventurer, this island is definitely the best choice for your vacation. Bai Dam Trau Situated in the north of the main island, Dam Trau beach seem to be an impressively romantic place for couple. From a high-far distance, it looks like a yellow ribbon across the green carpet, composed of  the most distinct impressions of this beach like majestic mountains and breath-taking seascape between the deep blue see and endless sky. Travelling to this island, not only visitors enjoy relaxed moment but do they get endless inspiration, especially to artists. Bai Dam Trau is also is great choice for taking swimming, bathing and even snorkeling. In addition, this beautiful place is also perfectly suitable for exploring ecosystem in coastal wetlands in which various species of submerged vegetation like water coconut, mangrove tree and so on. With your lover hand in hand strolling along white sand stretch, why not? Phu Hai Prison It is the largest prison on the island with 11 jails, in which thousands of Vietnamese were arrested during the French invasion. This place is considered as the devil island of Indochina. During the French colony, all prisoners were forced to stay naked, chained together in rows and inflict brutal torture under different forms. Travelling to Phu Hai prison, visitors grasp the chance of witnessing the stark life in prison, simulated lively with a variety of sculptures. Tiger Cages This notorious prison was built by French to imprison nearly 2000 political prisoners. Prisoners here were pushed to work hard and suffer cruel unusual punishment. When the Vietnam War broke out, American kept this prison operating and made considerable use of barbaric tortures. Therefore, this “Tiger Cages” is a stark reminder of horror war.