Nha Trang, a city famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, attracts many domestic and international tourists.
Below are delicious dishes and eating places in Nha Trang that you should remember for the best vacation.
Nha Trang is also attractive because of the delicious dishes.

Of course, eating seafood is must-do work when you go to the coastal city. Don’t only focus on the familiar dishes such as shrimp, crab, squid, shellfish, clams and miss other strange seafood. First of all, the snails. In Nha Trang there are many kinds of sea snails, but to be classified as delicious and cheap, must have a cone snail and true conchs.

The cone snail is called by that name because the shape is like a small conical hat. Cone snails are often baked or boiled with ginger, citronella, each way has a delicious taste. This dish is sweet and very fragrant.
True conchs are of two types, one of which has long shell, one has round shell. When choosing snail, you should choose short round, because this type of snail is sweet and fat. True conchs is also made into two dishes, steamed and grilled.

Sea fish marinated with salt and green bell pepper is also very tasty, especially one kind of fish named “ca bo”. Fish is grilled until the fish skin yellow then you will have a memorable dish.
To enjoy fresh but cheap seafood in Nha Trang, you can go to some seafood restaurant at following address: 10 Pham Van Dong; Bien Hong restaurant, 13KA Pham Van Dong. In the evening, you go to Thap Ba Street, the seafood restaurant here sell all kinds of snails, fish, fresh squid that the price is very reasonable.

“Bun cha ca”, “bun ca dam”, “bun sua” or “banh canh ca” are the popular dishes in Nha Trang that eat at least once time by the visitors. For Nha Trang people, “Bun ca” is familiar with them like “Pho” in Hanoi or “Mi Quang” with the Quang Nam people.

With ‘bun cha ca”, this dish made from fresh fish, can be a combination of different types of fish so the taste is sweet, fresh and delicious. With “bun ca dam”, besides pieces of delicious meat, bowl of noodles also have pieces of meat fresh fish. With “Bun sua”, jellyfish selected is opaque white, slender long crispy crunchy, cool and pleasant taste. “Bun sua” is also served with fish fillets, “cha ca”. Broth is made from bones of variety of fish so the taste is very strong. Vegetables served with noodles are lettuce, herbs, spices, all are very fresh.

Crepe with shrimp, quid

Crepe with shrimp, squid. Fresh squid and shrimp only need to be cleaned and processed immediately. After pouring a spoon of flour, people will put a squid, shrimp in the pan and add the bean sprouts. After a few minutes the wrapper cooked, people flip over and take out to the plate. Piece of hot crepe, outside crispy, inside the squid and bean sprouts cooked. Nha Trang crepe served with all kinds of vegetables and spicy sauce. In addition to squid and fresh shrimp, you can ask for more eggs.

Banh Can

“Banh can” is made of rice flour, if you like, add the chicken eggs, shrimp or squid. This cake is served  with fish sauce and add fat sliced mango. The cake has sweet taste of squid shrimp, fatty and spicy taste of mango sauce.

Nem Ninh Hoa

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, don’t gorget to visit the restaurant to enjoy this special dish. Nem originated from Ninh Hoa but today it has become popular dish in Nha Trang. Ingredients for Nem with marinated minced meat, ricepaper, fresh vegetables, cucumber, banana, … with sauce from a variety of spices. The Nem grilled mixed with all the flavor , spicy, chatted, burnt, fat … very attractive.

Grilled beef

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Nha Trang. The main dish is just ordinary beef, but marinated with spices, creating a very personal taste. Grilled beef here is chopped into pieces, marinated with honey,more than 10 spices and then baked on the charcoal. Beef is sweet and soft. This dish is often eaten with fresh vegetables, but you can also add bread or rice paper to eat.