The coastal city of Da Nang was selected by The New York Times (USA) in the top 52 most attractive destinations in 2019.

Danang Dragon Bridge is beautiful when it comes to night – Photo: Catalin Chitu (Romanian tourist) / Your Shot National Geographic.

On Saturdays, Sundays, Dragon head can breathe  fire and water – Photos: Catalin Chitu / Your Shot National Geographic

Previously, in 2015, Da Nang also entered The New York Times top 52 but ranked 43/52, this year the ranking improve to 15/52.

Da Nang, Vietnam’s third largest city, is the gateway to Hoi An World Cultural Heritage. The New York Times editor Stuart Emmrich chose Da Nang because this city in recent years developed its own brand, known as Miami of Vietnam.

Da Nang has many luxury hotels and resorts, isolated villas and swimming pools, in Son Tra peninsula. The forest on this peninsula is also home to a species of endangered Brown-shanked douc langur “primate queen”.

In addition, visitors to Da Nang, Cau Vang is a “must visit” place located at an altitude of 1,400m, nearly 150m long, including 8 spans crossing Ba Ba Hills. The pedestrian bridge has a unique shape with giant hands, supporting a curving bridge like a strip of silk across the mountain forest.

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge is very famous since it was put into use in June, 2016 – Photo: National Geographic / catricorn


According to The New York Times, visitors can start a new day in Danang by swimming at Non Nuoc beach, next to the scenic Marble Mountains, about 8km from central Da Nang.

After that, do not forget to shop at the famous Han market, near the Han river bridge.

In the afternoon, visitors can choose to visit the suitable locations according to the schedule in the Marble Mountains, such as climbing Thuy Son, the highest and most beautiful peak in the five mountains, visiting Tham Thai Pagoda, Linh Ung Pagoda and some caves like Linh Nham, Huyen Khong. From the Marble Mountains, visitors can enjoy views of My Khe beach.

View of Marble Mountains – Photos: Facebook Vittorio Velasquez / Filipino tourists


Praying inside Huyen Khong cave, the area of Ngu Hanh Son mountain, Da Nang – Photo: Vittorio Velasquez / Your National Geographic

At night, do not forget to check-in the colorful Dragon Bridge lights and walk to enjoy the specialties of Da Thanh noodles, which can be found at any street restaurant, for about 25,000 VND / bowl.

Mi Quang, specialty food Da Nang – Photo: Lauryn Ishak / The New York Times

At the top of The New York Times’ list of 52 attractive destinations 2019 is the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico (part of the organized but unincorporated territory of the US). Ranked second is Hampi village – located in northern Karnataka state, India – the capital of the mighty Vijayanagara empire in the 16th century, still remains ruins of many ancient temples with unique architecture; and ranked third is the beautiful coastal city of Santa Barbara, California (USA).

The Asian region has notable destinations such as Setouchi Island (or Seto), Japan (ranked 7/52); Sung Le town, Hebei province, China (ranked 32/52); Uzbekistan in Central Asia (ranked 34/52); Hong Kong (ranked 44/52) and Iran in West Asia (ranked 45/52).

Vittala ancient temple campus, Hampi village, India – Photo: The New York Times

Brilliant season of cherry blossoms in the Shiude mountains, Seto island – Photo: The New York Times

Snowfall on Genting Resort Secret Garden, Sung Le town, Hebei, China – Photo: The New York Times

Hong Kong Sea Bridge – Zhuhai – Macau – Photo: The New York Times