Some people are fascinating about taking a bike tour in Vietnam. Vietnam is notorious about its chaotic transportation; however, when it comes to bike, you can count that it would be not such a big problem. Vietnam will give you a peaceful more peaceful impression if you traveling by bike.

Favorite places to bike

First of all you should pick for yourself a place to make you bike tour. There are tours on big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh which enable you to visit city’s best attractions. However, the most wonderful bike trips in Vietnam are those exploring the roads of countryside. Bike tours in Hue or Hoi An are among the most diverse and well-catered. In these places, there are enough fascinating touristy attractions as well as those with off-beaten-track vibe.

For professional bikers, they could challenge themselves with up-grade stuff, a bike trip along the coastal road and into the lesser-known area. The Southern coastal road obviously owns a spectacular view; however, you also have to prepare because it is more scorching in the South.

Making company with the local

It would be the best to make company with local people, especially in a bike ride within the crowned cities like in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.  In these cities, the traffic is particular mess in which there is no way a first-timer could handle all the chaos and disorder. Then, it is really helpful to have the guide of an experienced local. Highly recommend book a bike tour within the big city. Most of these tours are usually operated within a day. It would be a really good exercise for you while being on a holiday in Vietnam.

Interact and get to know Vietnamese people

Along your bike trip, other than biking and enjoy the view, you can also have more experience with the local. Riding along the countryside will enable you to interact with Vietnamese locals in the more distance area. People in countryside are usually more friendly and open. Whereas the city bike tour can give you a thrilling experience of the traffic system.

The perfect time to take a bike tour

The most ideal time to take a bike tour in Vietnam is from October to February. One reminder, you might end up being extremely exhausted if riding during the peak summer. However, if you have no choice but to take a summer trip, here is one tip for you: try to start earlier in the day when the weather is cool and fresh and hiding from the burning sun during the mid-day time.

Expecting Problems

You also have to expect that a foreign tourist could attract a lot of attention, especially in country area where a sight of foreigner is rare. The attention might not be pleasing.

It is the best that you could prepare all the need urgent repair kit. But if you can’t manage, don’t freak out. In Vietnam, there are quite a lot side-road bike repair stalls where you can seek for help if you are in technical trouble with your bike.

What to bring with you 

Sun cream and water are no-brainer. You will be in utter regret not taking them with you on your ride.

Buy a map, just in case there are some problems with your phones, especially if you are going out of the city because it is unlikely that you can meet an English-speaker to help you out in the rural area.

With this detail guide, hope that you will have a perfect bike ride in Vietnam.


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