As many other parts of the country, in Spring, the Northwest of Vietnam also host many culture-permeated festivals. To many people, the festivals in Northwest are even more interesting and fascinating than other festivals of the delta region as they are less commercial, less crowded than those in the delta.

During this time, the border between Vietnam and China attracts many people from both countries to come and celebrate.

Petard firing is illegal in Vietnam but is allowed in China, therefore, some people use this opportunities to cross the border to enjoy the noisy fest of petard. Petard used to be one of the signature activities celebrating Tet in Vietnam. The ban on petard is, therefore, upsetting for many people, but with this little trick, they can relive the boisterous festival atmosphere in the past.


Across the border, people from many ethnic groups will gather, which creates a wonderful and colorful scene. Ethnic people will dress up for this event with their own traditional clothes. All the hand-made and one-of-the-kind costumes create such an eye-catching scene. The festivals seem to be the fashion week of the Northwest area. Their clothes are not at all less impressive the luxurious brand-named couture haul.

The festival of the border region shows the diversity and the unity of people from different ethnic groups. You can see people with different customs sitting next to each other, talking and playing together.

During the festival time, people hold many cultural activities and games. These unique and exciting games will elevate your festival spirit.

Also on this occasion, people usually make a journey to the markets along the border. You can also follow this route to celebrate the festival as well as to enjoy the changing natural scenery.

There is nowhere that you can see such various cultures intertwining together. It will be the ideal destination to capture the colorful and stunning picture of Vietnam’s nature and culture.