Not only Vietnamese coffee is famous for its strong flavor, does it also is an excellent ambassador of Vietnamese culture. It must be a great pity if you miss following kinds of coffee within your Vietnam vacation. Have a look at it!

Various types of coffee

Vietnam is well-known for a variety kinds of coffee, each of which bring its own unique taste that you cannot find anywhere in the world.

Filter coffee (Ca phe Phin)

Filter coffee (ca phe phin) significantly features Vietnamese culture. The preparing process is not difficult since you only have to put a certain number of coffee powders into a grinder, pour hot water into it and wait for several minute seepage. The hot water flows through the powder slowly, slowly and slowly. Consequently, the resulting coffee always tastes great.

This drip method for the Vietnamese who live incredibly busy lives is a forced reminder to slow down. It can be a perfect escape away from the hectic daily life. Enjoying the special beautiful scent of the coffee, chatting with friends or view the daily activities of local people within the seepage is absolutely one of the most charming experience you can get in your Vietnam vacation.

Yoghurt coffee (ca phe sua chua)

Like coffee, yoghurt was originally brought to Vietnam by the French and quickly became one of the common beverages of local people. Rich and creamy, it can be served with various food such as toppings, fresh mango, jackfruit fermented rice – and even coffee. This seems to sound odd, but the sour sweetened yoghurt well pairs with bitter black coffee – three favors make an amazing culinary combination. Let’s stir and sip.

Egg coffe (ca phe trung)

Like its name, egg coffee is a perfect combination between egg and coffee. This combination was invented in 1946 when milk was so scary and that’s why egg was replaced. Rich creamy and smooth very tasty . Egg yolk whipped with condensed milk into an airy froth meets dark coffee in on concoction like liquid tiramisu which is rich creamy and smooth. This coffee does not get the favor of egg but more like vanilla. Until tasting to the bottom of the cup, egg’s favor is more light-tasting. It is undoubtedly a big miss if you forget egg coffee in your Vietnamese vacation.

Coffee smoothie (sinh to ca phe)

You are a big coffee lover but you are afraid of the level of caffeine in this beverage, coffee smoothie is exactly the best choice. With this drink, you not only can get the caffeine fixed but also take on numerous vitamins. Several juice shops perk up creamy blends of fresh fruit with a touch of Vietnamese coffee, sometimes tossing in yoghurt or cashews. One of favourite is coffee blended with banana and avocado (sinh to ca phe chuoi bo).

So hey coffee lovers, don’t hesitate going to coffee shops recommended in this article!